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Journalists for a Day: Hear the Young Voices from Community School 61 in the Bronx


Intro by Liz Neumark
Stories by The Students of CS 61 Elementary

A Note From Liz

I woke up on May 8th with trepidation and headed to East Crotona Park, Bronx, wondering if I would pass muster with the kids.  Would my mathematical abilities (non-existent) be vetted?  Would I need to demonstrate principal-like skills? 

The half day that I spent at CS 61 was enlightening, entertaining, inspiring and completely exceeded any expectations! The young girls and boys had done their homework. Our conversations were peppered with questions about the farm, healthy food, chefs and catering. They were curious about everything and impressed me with their big goals and aspirations. 

The school’s principal, Marjorie Cutler Sanchez, took the helm in September 2017.  She is a smart woman; an excellent administrator, team builder and strategic planner.  Her connection to the community and the students, in just a few short months, is deep and productive. 

It seemed obvious to turn over some newsletter space to Roger, Victoria, Paul, Dylan, Marcus, Roselyn, Aimar, Madelyn, Sidiki and Ethelyn. Enjoy their words and emotions. They restored my faith in the future!

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by Paul Martinez

Hi! My name is Paul Martinez. I am a student in 5th Grade who attended C.S.61. Today I’ll be telling you about a meeting I had with a important person. Her name is Ms. Liz. She is 60 years old and she is one of the Top 50 most powerful women in New York. She owns her own company, it’s called Great Performances NYC Catering Company. If you need someone to cook for you like a wedding or holiday you call them and they’ll do it. 

My favorite subject to learn is science because it’s based off of animals, plants, and many living things, the human body and a lot more. I’ll name my favorite animals: wildcats, bears, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, also water creatures and crustaceans. They are based off of real thing and it’s fun to learn about.

Why Being A Scientist Is So Cool

by Sidiki Diarra 

The reason why being a scientist is so cool is because you can make all kinds of machines. You can also make the future brighter. You can even make gadgets that are useful to other people. Even help people that are in need. A final one is that when you finish your creation you need some test subject so you know if it’s okay and if it’s not try again.

You can make the future brighter by making something that can make any kind of food that you want by asking. Even make an auto-pilot button that can make a car go by itself. You can even put it on a bike, but you have to steer it. If you don’t steer it, it will be out of control. Also make a watch that has video, like Netflix, YouTube etc.

So things that are useful to other people is that when you want to go to some kind of place like the kitchen or the bathroom or bedroom you can put on skate plus shoes which would help you go someplace that you want to go like stores, busses, trains, markets and other kinds of stuff that you can go to. Something that is useful to other people is that book that can read to you and when it’d done you have to read it.

You can even make a wallet that when you don’t have any money you can ask ‘can I get more money please?’ Then it will give you enough money.

One way that you can help people in need is that you can help fix their fountain if it’s not working. You can even help with their TV. If they need some help you can build something like a robot that has everything you needs for cleaning, cooking and fun. But if you want, you can help them by yourself.

A final one is that you have test subjects. Your test subjects can be paper, money, apple, fruits are all test subjects. Just make sure it is not animals because they are part of life. So life is easy but you put it to your best, so if you fail you tried your best and you can do it again.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

by Marcus Ancrum

What I want to be when I grow up is an all genre dancer. The reason I would like to be an all genre dancer is because I love to dance. Also, it helps with taking stressful things off your mind.

Somethings things don’t go as planned. I originally wanted to be a photographer and an actor but I decided that dancing and acting wads my thing. I apparently focused more on dancing because I had more opportunities like getting accepted at Alvin Ailey CAS dance camp. I was really thankful because I did not have any opportunities for acting or photography.

Being a dancer is not an easy task because you have to stay fit and be active. They also might have to perform for people and practice a lot. That’s why it’s no easy job. They also can get major deals like being in celebrity’s music videos or maybe even a concert. There are pros and cons to being a dancer.

There are not that many males in the dancing industry, I want to be one of those men dancing and making my dreams come true. The legacy of male dancers must continue. In the next couple of years there will be a decent amount of male dancers in this industry. Also I want to make an example for others that want to be dancers.

To conclude, if you have a dream chose it, believe it, try hard to succeed in it. Never give up because I bet one day your dream will come true. Trust and believe.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be President Of Dominican Republic

by Roger Trinidad

When I grow up I want to be President of Dominican Republic because I want to end poverty and corruption. I want to make my country a good place for citizens. I want the people to feel happy and proud of being Dominican and not feel embarrassed of being Dominican.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

by Victoria Darko

What I want to be when I grow up? Hmm. Very hard question considering I only have experience with eating McDonald’s.

First, I kind of only have like three in mind. The first is a fashion designer (with my own company). Second is a cartoon animator. Lastly is a photographer.

I kinda like drawing, and I think I am pretty good at it. Like on my free time I like doodling. That’s why I want to be a cartoon animator.

The reason I want to be a fashion designer is cause I am crafty and have a very good fashion sense. Also when I make something it is unique and special. As I said before I am good at drawing so that will help designing it.

Lastly, the reason I want to be a photographer is because I like looking at the world in different ways. It kinda weird that I want to be a photographer since I don’t like taking pictures.

Anyways… this is what I want to be when I grow up. ☺

Photo Credits: Marjorie Cutler Sanchez, Sarah Prawl