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About GP

About us

Committed to serving
New York since day one

Great Performances has stood as a cultural and culinary vanguard in the world since 1980. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, we remain dedicated to delivering unmatched excellence, passion, and precision, consistently redefining industry standards.

Founded as a staffing agency with the purpose of providing women in the arts with work, whether they were in-between gigs or just seeking opportunities, our CEO and founder Liz Neumark has constantly innovated, finding creative solutions to help others advance. From this humble beginning emerged a catering and hospitality business infused with a deep appreciation for the arts of every form. Our team finds joy in details others don’t – the delicate placement of a sprig of thyme on a chicken cacciatore, the laughter that fills a hall like a symphony, and the designs on a dish created when only crumbs and sauce are left over – it’s what drives our passion for creating unforgettable moments.

Our extensive experience working with some of New York’s most iconic venues and hosting countless events positions us to continue leading in its premier catering and hospitality industries.

The Mission, Vision, Values of Great Performances

We believe that the freshest ingredients lead to the most delicious food. That sentiment holds true for the core ethos that bond Great Performances together. Each member of our staff upholds our mission, vision, and values as they deliver excellence at any given opportunity.


Unleash Joy through Genuine Hospitality


Building Community to Better Our World


  • Craftmanship

    We are committed to our craft and the art of culinary. Always sharpening our skills, learning, and evolving to set new standards daily.

  • People

    Creating fair access, opportunity, and advancement for everyone. Our team is our secret sauce.

  • Sustainability

    Upholding and elevating standards for sustainable behavior that support our planet.

  • Collaboration

    Co-creation is our jam! It takes a village (clients, colleagues, community) to deliver phenomenal experiences.

  • Doing Good Through Food

    Accessible healthy food for all. We have a duty to educate our community and do our part to make healthy food a right not a privilege.



  • Food Philosophy

    Our food is crafted like a symphony; each ingredient carefully selected and harmoniously combined to create dishes that will make your tastebuds sing. Our chefs continuously push the boundaries of culinary art, striving for innovation.

    Sustainability is at the heart of our culinary ethos. We firmly believe that our food choices impact our planet, which is why we prioritize seasonality in our menus as well as source fresh, local ingredients from ethical farmers who share our values.

  • Katchkie Farm

    Our food philosophy starts at home.

    We believe that delicious food starts at its source, and that the everyday decisions we make profoundly impact our environment. This commitment led us to become the first catering and hospitality company in the nation to establish its very own organic farm. Katchkie Farm, a NOFA-certified farm nestled in Hudson Valley, is dedicated to connecting New Yorkers with healthy, delicious local food. Katchkie Farm takes pride in caring for the land and its resources. Our Passion Starts from Seed®

  • Social Good

    Impacting our world through food.

    The core ingredient of Great Performances is our commitment to bettering our world through the power of food. This commitment, instilled from our founder, Liz Neumark, permeates every member of our team and fuels our initiatives to make a positive impact.
    Through our affiliation with the Sylvia Center, we empower children with the knowledge of fresh, nutritious eating through educational programs. Additionally, Great Performances has proudly championed multiple minority- and women-owned businesses through initiatives like Eat Offbeat and People’s Kitchen, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive culinary landscape.

  • GP Embrace

    At Great Performances, we embrace that Life Happens Around Food®. Our passion for promoting wellness and incorporating fresh, organic ingredients into work, play, and home live on our blog, GP Embrace.




  • Our Team

    Our team, the backbone of our success, infuses each event with warmth, creativity, and a commitment to hospitality that ensures every guest feels treasured. We cherish the diversity and dedication of our team, valuing each member as an essential ingredient in our recipe for success.

    Meet the Team +
  • Partnerships

    Collaboration fuels our creative fire at Great Performances. We believe in shared success, forging collaborations that enrich our culinary tapestry and inspire memorable experiences for all.

    Experience the culinary creations of our partners at one of your upcoming events!

  • Momofuku

    Great Performances and Momofuku have partnered to offer an exclusive selection of Momofuku classics, inspired by the critically acclaimed dishes from across Momofuku’s collection of restaurants.

  • Craftsmanship

    Our team members are more than chefs and event professionals; they are masters of crafting culinary masterpieces that are as visually stunning as they are delectable. Their artistic flair and dedication bring every dish and event to life, painting a canvas of unforgettable flavors, aesthetics, and emotions.

  • Community

    Headquartered in the heart of the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx, we’re passionate about giving back to our community by partnering with local organizations and employing Bronx natives.

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