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Looking for something else? Great Performances can help with any culinary or logistical challenge you may be facing. At Great Performances, we’ve collaborated with the biggest partners across the industry from festivals to brand pop-ups to unlock hidden value, and provided our services in times of need through government contractors and emergency food service.


The culinary experience is filled with Endless Possibilities. Find your solution with Great Performances.

  • Festivals & Large-Scale Events

    At Great Performances, we go beyond catering and hospitality – we’re your trusted partners. We seamlessly integrate with your team, collaborating closely with clients, planners, and sponsors to negotiate rates on your behalf, and ensure budget compliance, operational excellence, and impeccable guest service at every large-scale, multi-day event. Our expertise isn’t just about saving costs; it’s about uncovering hidden value. With capabilities to execute events nationwide and globally, we’ve proudly collaborated with prestigious partners such as the Miami Open and the New York Food and Wine Festival. Count on us to transform your biggest event into a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Government Food Service Contracts

    Great Performances excels in surpassing the culinary needs of government agencies, regardless of their size. We provide a level of expertise that ensures compliance, efficiency, and exceptional dining experiences that reflect our brand’s commitment to genuine hospitality and culinary excellence.

  • Emergency Food

    When New York calls for assistance, we answer. Throughout our history, Great Performances has stood as a pillar of support for New York in its times of greatest need. We’ve been entrusted to feed first responders during significant crises like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we pivoted our operation overnight to provide meals for first responders, hospital and healthcare workers, at risk New Yorkers. Our team is prepared to immediately provide you with comfort and humanity even in the most difficult times.

  • Event Logistics Coordination

    With over 40 years of experience orchestrating some of the grandest events in NYC and beyond, we proudly stand as detail-obsessed masters of event logistics. Our collaborative team possesses an unwavering passion for crafting unforgettable experiences, ensuring seamless execution every time.

  • Pop-Ups

    Embrace life’s little moments with a pop-up! Great Performances boasts extensive experience in managing pop-up events for culinary giants, including the James Beard Foundation, Scott Conant, and Alon Chaya. Our innovative approach ensures that each pop-up event, although temporary, lingers in the hearts and palates of guests long after it has ended.

  • Beverage & Bar Solutions

    At Great Performances, our passion extends beyond food; we’re equally dedicated to crafting exceptional beverages for your event or venue. Our skilled mixologists are passionate about creating cutting-edge drink recipes that stay ahead of the latest trends, ensuring your guests revel in every sip.

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