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Celebrate Earth Day by Joining Our CSA


By Great Performances

Earth Day is approaching and this year Great Performances will be celebrating a day dedicated to environmental protection and community supported agriculture with signups to our 2019 CSA season!  For more than a decade, Great Performances has been delivering the season’s best fresh, locally grown foods to workplaces in the community through our Katchkie Farm CSA.  Bringing communities closer to their local food providers puts Earth Day values into action with a wide range of significant impacts on the environment, plant and animal life and human wellness.

We should use Earth Day to spark discussions and education about where our food comes from and food miles, the distance food is transported from production to the consumer.  For the average consumer, food travels 1,500 miles before it reaches the plate.  And almost every state gets at least 85% of its food from out of state. CSAs are celebrated on Earth Day for their ability to significantly reduce the number of miles our food travels to reach our plate.  This reduction cuts carbon emissions, pollution and helps conserve our limited fossil fuels.

Small, local organic farms are also being celebrated for enhancing biodiversity, the great variety of life within a system.  Farms that are self-sustainable teem with local wildlife to create natural cycles that make for heathy soils and nutrient rich produce.  Organic farming allows nature to take its course and thrive with life.  Small farms have the ability to conserve, provide for and benefit from the local wildlife and vegetation in its ecosystem. Healthy organic food is not only a benefit to humans and wildlife, but through its cycling of resources it’s also healthier for surrounding soils and water systems.

Celebrate wellness and Mother Earth for a season and sign up for your weekly share. Our shares 2019 will feature bags of fresh and delicious organically grown vegetables, with additional options of honey, eggs, and seasonally prepared foods created by our own Chef Rob Valencia.