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A Valentine’s Day for Two Menu from Georgette Farkas



By Great Performances

Love Happens Around Food®

We truly believe that food is a common element that brings people together; and that eating with others is more than just consuming nutrients. We’re breaking bread – to share with others. It implies so much: trust, comfort, confidence, and love. Sharing food is an act of love for us at Great Performance. From carefully planning menus and selecting ingredients that meet our high standards of quality and sustainability to presenting the food with care, attention, and our unparalleled service, it’s what we do. Although food may not be the central character of the events we cater and host, it’s a critical element and its absence would be quickly noted.


Food is at the center for all of our celebrations, and from romantic dinners and weddings to family feasts and holidays, we see the connection between Love and Food. For Valentine’s Day, Georgette Farkas curated a delicious menu for two. The beauty of the menu is that everything can be prepared in advance and finished before serving. And although this is a menu for two, we’ve made sure that there’s enough for leftovers later in the week.

First Course: Mae Mae’s Beetroot Borscht

Start your Valentine’s Day feast with Mae Mae’s Beetroot Borscht. The beautiful red of the soup immediately makes you think of love and romance. Although we traditionally served the soup chunky, you could puree it for a smoother texture. Create a heart-shaped garnish by adding a few round dollops of sour cream then running a knife through it in one direction.

Main Course: Valentine’s Mushroom Fricassee

Warm, comforting — and seductive! Buttery, crisp puff pastry garnishes the umami-rich mushroom and spinach filling of our Valentine’s Mushroom Fricassee. We’ve created a more “deconstructed” version so you don’t have to purchase any special dishes. (And we always recommend adding a few extra puff pastry hearts on the side as an extra treat.)

Dessert: Bittersweet Chocolate Pot de Crème

We can’t help but go for the classic Valentine’s Day dessert flavor, chocolate, with our Bittersweet Chocolate Pot de Crème. The bittersweet chocolate helps counter some of the sweetness, and a splash of bourbon adds some extra warmth and depth. This dessert is as sensual as it is sensational – definitely worth the effort.