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Celebrating Father’s Day


Some of the fathers on our team have shared their wishes for Father’s Day and photos with them and their kids.

Rob Valencia
Culinary Director, Great Performances


As the father of a 19 month old toddler, for Father’s Day, I’d like for him to at least sleep late or go to bed on time.


Rob and his toddler
Photo courtesy: Rob Valencia

Joel Rivera
Director Of Facilities, Great Performances

Running shoes! I need to get off my cheeks!

Joel Rivera and his kids
Photo courtesy: Joel Rivera

Mike Warren
Director Of Catering, CPS Events At The Plaza

Me and my boys at my wedding.  Love wins.  They love me for who I am and I love them unconditionally.

Mike and his sons TJ, Ross, and Elliot
Photo courtesy: Mike Warren

Mark Rivera
Purchasing Manager, Great Performances