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Celebrating Our GP Moms



Our GP Moms Share What They Want for Mother’s Day

We asked our GP moms the one thing they wanted for Mother’s Day this year. Moms, we hear you!

  1. “I want to be able to hug and kiss everybody.” Julie V.

  2. “Be with all my family under the same roof; I miss those gatherings a lot.” Jiny R.

  3. “Dinner in person with my kids!” Mindy B.

  4. “100% confirmation that school will be back in session this Fall. I am a terrible teacher! Seriously.” Sara S.

  5. “To find out sleep-away camp is happening this summer :)” Jodi S.

  6. “I agree that’s top on my list – to get to a point in this that summer camp is open!” Jennifer E.

  7. “A cabana boy for the day serving breakfast/lunch/dinner non-stop cocktails.” Tanya S.

  8. “It has nothing to do with my kids: a Peloton bike!  I know, very materialistic, but true!! Oh, and world peace, an end to COVID-19, quality time with my kids, them getting along…” Barbara L.