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Chef’s Choir: Summer Barbeque


Our chefs come from myriad backgrounds and experiences, but they all share a passion for food and hospitality. We’ve asked them to share their favorite recipes to celebrate Summer – aka barbeque season!


Without prompting, we received a variety of recipes from mains and sides to cocktails! Feel free to mix and match or use them all to create a very GP barbecue!

Chef Solanki Roy

Venue Chef, 550 Madison

Bar B Q reminds me of Tandoor ( Tandoor is an Indian clay oven, where charcoal is used ). I am sharing a recipe of Tandoori chicken which is perfect for summer Bar B Q, a Tandoori chicken has various versions and changes in different regions and households of India and everyone has their own secret blend of spices. Here is a recipe which I have modified, which we can use at our home with ease, and we wont need a Tandoor ( Indian Clay Oven ), we can very well cook in our regular ovens.

Chef Tatiana Iglesias

Venue Chef

I’m originally from Colombia, and this is a recipe we use a lot to accompany BBQ. The bright, herby chimichurri is a perfect match for rich meats.

Chef Joe Bachman creates incredible dishes for our guests, and here he shares one of his favorite side dishes for a summer barbecue.

I selected the specific items because they are local and pair well with an outdoor barbecue. I was inspired by Tim Stark’s Book, Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer, which is a super cool book and inside look at how the heirloom tomato craze came about.

What’s a Summer barbeque without Pulled Pork? Chef Alan Hepner shares his favorite recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsey’s. He has been making this recipe for years and it never fails. As a special kick, he added his own Pickled Jalapeno Mayo. Enjoy this as is or in a sandwich, alongside your favorite bbq sides.

Brandi Solomon

Chef de Cuisine, Wave Hill

This Summer cocktail recipe is perfectly crisp, refreshing, and fun. Three simple ingredients make for an easy to make, yet satisfying, cocktail perfect for beating the summer heat.

David Thomas

Chef de Cuisine, The Norm at Brooklyn Museum

This is a pretty simple and straightforward recipe, but it’s a classic that I love and cook for myself every summer. You can prepare this in the morning and let it marinate, and don’t forget to soak your skewers. I hope you enjoy it!