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Covid Reflections from Ali



By Ali Rea Baum

When we closed in March 13, we just celebrated the opening of the amazing Studio 54 show at the Brooklyn Museum. While we changed the format of the event a bit to fit the arising concern of COVID, it still felt like this would be only a slight hitch in our events, and not a shut down. I felt as if we would be planning galas and weddings in no time.

Fast forward three years, and my life has vastly changed. In August 2020, I got married (instead of 200 guests we only ended up having 35); we welcomed our little girl in May of 2021; moved to Maryland in August of 2021 for my husband’s job and in January 2023, we moved back to New York, happily. The shutdown made me realize many things about myself and my relationships. A few to note, one that my husband was the right man to marry (24/7 together definitely made it seem feasible); two, being a mom is wonderful and exhausting; and three, slowing down to appreciate how lucky I am in this fast-paced world, isn’t a bad thing at all.