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Covid Reflections from Joanne



By Joanne Wilson

Where were you in March of 2020. Is there a moment that stands out in your memory?

I just came back from a ski trip where we all discussed this thing was coming but it would be over in a few weeks and then of course it was not.

What about the early days of lockdown do you remember most?

I felt as if we were living in a science fiction book. So much of the information seemed so absurd. Going to the grocery store was a planned event, wearing dishwashing gloves and a bandanna around my mouth. I felt like a gangster in our own society.

Were you with or separated from family?

We were in Los Angeles and our kids were out east We eventually all connected but that month long separation during a global pandemic was not good.

How did you adapt to lockdown? Was there any silver lining?

Humans adapt. We had no choice The silver lining was doing jigsaw puzzles, watching films, taking it down a notch until we realized it was becoming just a new way of life.

Has the Covid era affected your work or professional aspirations?

Personally, nothing has changed in regards to work. I was making changes before Covid happened. I am definitely more aware of enjoying every day with how I want to live it.

Do you have any family experiences to share?

It was very tough on one of our kids and we have three. It has created a chasm in our family in the post. Perhaps Covid just accelerated what was already there.

How have we changed as a society – what stands out for you?

Absolutely we have changed, and I believe there is more change to take place. People do not want to return to the life before Covid, but they aren’t sure exactly what their life should look like in post Covid Also it fucked up the economy and that is shifting everyone regardless of having lived through a pandemic

I embraced carpe diem after 9/11 and that has amplified post Covid. I want to have more meaningful relationships in a deeper way.

What are some of the changes you have made that stick to this day?

One dry vodka martini a day.

What will you remember most about these years?

Slowing down, reassessing relationships and life

How do you feel about “going back to normal” – do you feel or sense a resistance to it?

We are evolving we aren’t going back. I applaud the resistance to return particularly for the next generation. They need to live it differently and who knows maybe they know something we don’t.

How you feel about NYC?

I miss the grit. Hudson Yards destroyed something in NYC that pains me. We can’t survive as a diverse functional city without reigning in the real estate prices to line up with what people can afford or we will be a city of just wealthy people. Public housing should be phenomenal, and it sucks. The crime and homelessness is painful. But many of these issues started with DeBlasio at the helm. We need serious leadership and I fear we don’t have it and nobody of any worth wants to be in politics anymore.