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Enhancing Events through Exciting Design


Enhancing Events through Exciting Design

By Great Performances

At Great Performances, we create meaningful moments between people through the events we hold for our clients. We collaborate with our clients to truly understand their goals and vision for their event, creating mood boards and menus to help bring those ideas to life. Our Design Team is always present at an event, whether through innovative trays and displays or by creating large format design elements that truly transform a space.

Our Design Team comprises individuals trained in design, culinary, and hospitality, making it easy for them to work across client, culinary, production, and service teams. Most recently, they put their impressive talents to work creating a new set of trays including a rolling wooden tray reminiscent of the boardwalk, and brightly colored wood “pebbles” and creating a literal wonderfland for City Harvest BID 2022.

Beautiful Food Deserves Beautiful Displays

GP Design Team takes its inspiration from nature, by observing how people interact with objects and food, from architecture, and by playing. They sketch a design, build a prototype, and iterate until they get a piece that’s both fun and functional and that creates moments of delight and joy as guests reach for an hors d’oeuvres.

Wonderful Design for a Wonderland Event

From concept to execution, the GP Design Team worked closely with Gregory Boroff, chief external relations officer at City Harvest, and creative partners at Mario Avila Design,  and On The Move Entertainment to create a world of whimsy and fun.

Dan Carr, senior designer at Great Performances, incorporated fun, Alice in Wonderland details to create a “cool space” that invited people to wander through and enjoy the event and the experience.

“Event design is more than transforming a blank space into a beautiful backdrop for an event; it’s about creating movement, allowing guests to pause in some areas while encouraging them to continue exploring, mingling, and enjoying the overall experience,” Dan stated. “It’s about creating memorable, meaningful experiences.”

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