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Enticing Teams Back to the Office



By Great Performances

Thinking about returning to the office doesn’t spark a lot of joy in people. For many people, it’s about TPS reports, grabbing a few bites of a soggy salad or sandwich, possibly meandering over to the coffee station or water cooler to recaffeinate or rehydrate. Maybe exchanging desultory greetings with a passing colleague.

But what if we could transform this, and create more meaningful, engaging encounters around food! We know that people tend to congregate around food. The most popular room in a house is the kitchen! Often during friend and family get togethers, you’ll find people clustered around the kitchen counter, the grill, the beverage table — you get the picture.

We’ve worked with our corporate clients to create these pop up moments around food to help bring more excitement and engagement to the office. Held at different parts of the day, these food activations are specifically designed to bring deliciousness and fun to the work day. Our culinary teams conspire and collaborate with our venue teams and restaurant partners to design carts, stations, and stands that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

The response we’ve gotten has been fantastic and people look forward to coming in to the office to see what treats we’ve got in store for them the next day.

Check out some of our favorite food popups below and let us know what you’d like to see in your office!

Attended Stations

From attended stations like the Omelet Bar, Thanksgiving Pies Stand, and the Fluff n Fluff Cotton Candy Station we take extra care to ensure our guests enjoy a variety of flavors and experiences. We’ve even got a roving Pretzel Express Cart that can move through the office delivering pretzels with a variety of dipping sauces to each work station.

Buffet Stations

For those looking for grab-and-go food options, we have dozens of experiences for your teams to enjoy! From partnerships with restaurants like Beard Papa’s with their wide variety of cream puffs to our own stations celebrating Peanut Lovers Day and Lobster Roll Day and an Avocado Toast station that’s anything but basic, we’ve got something for everyone!

Want to find out how to bring some of these experiences to your work places? Complete the form below and we’d be delighted to help you out.