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Archil Gugberidze | Screenwriter & Actor

Hello, I’m Archil an Actor/Screenwriter. I have  published a Screenwriting book couple of months ago which focuses on 5 of my scripts and their philosophical and psychological analyzes.

  • Alternative – Dillon’s last shot on how he could have behaved to be reunited with his fiancée. Can it all be back to where it was?

  • Information – A terrorist attack explained by Media and Students. Which source tells the truth?

  • Perspective – Two opposing views on life from a multimillionaire and a beggar. What do they have in common?

  • Power – A debate between a mistress and wife. Who ruined the marriage?

  • Regrets – After losing what you loved the most, what is left to appreciate?

Currently, we are in the pre-production for one of the short films: Alternative. We are looking for funding, as well as aspiring Actors, Male and Female. Please do not hesitate to contact me if interested.