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Cookbook Author

Forrest Hedden Cookbook Author

This spring I published my first book. Full Circle, Memories and Magic from a Family Table.

It is a culinary memoir of the 1960’s 70’s and 80’s as seen through the eyes of a Gen X boy and his family.

It is about food and family and how we all can tell the story of of lives through food. How each of us has a personal food heritage.

At it’s core the book asks a question.  if you ever wonder why you can’t get away from the fact that eating chocolate cake makes you think of your grandmother? Or why certain pizza toppings make you think about laughter-filled nights spent with best friends in high school? Or the way your mom’s spaghetti recipe tastes when YOU make it, and you suddenly feel like you’re ten years old again?

That is the power of food. It is fuel for the body… and medicine for the soul.

Full Circle is a story about how that happened in one family. But it is really the story that food creates in the muscle memory of everyone’s lives-even yours!