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In 2018 I had the great opportunity to visit Uganda and Rwanda.

I got to see amazing animal life and meet remarkable people while learning about the roots “where it all began”. 

These portraits are of some of the children I met along the way.

Every child welcomed me with a smile or laugh and it opened my eyes and heart even more. 

Many kids have to trek miles for school, necessities, work and water. 

Each child had such a presence when they talked to me.

The purity and kindness of the children reminded me that we must treat each other with love and respect.

I thought this would tie in with what is happening in our world today.

With Black Lives Matter we all have to stop looking at our differences the hate and anger has to be turned into love, acceptance and understanding. These images help to remind me during these turbulent times of the saying I heard while in Africa “One Blood, One World”.