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Has Spring Sprung an Optimistic New York?



by Amanda DiUglio

The recent warm, spring weather has come into the city like a fresh breath of air. You can see a different stride in the way people walk through the streets, the smile peeking from behind their masks and shining in their eyes. Maybe that’s due to the increased rate of vaccinations, or the nice weather, or even the purple crocus poking out from the hardened soil; I am so ready for this shift in the public mood!

Over the last year, since June, we have been assisting couples with getting married; outdoors, safely, and following state guidelines. And with the start of spring, the general rhythm of hosting an event has turned from the timid, shy dance of last year with moves only the most daring were to follow, to that of a confident, gleeful contingent toward a happy celebration. Wedding couples of 2021 having waited a long time and are ready to have the wedding they desire.

Looking towards summer, which traditionally brings its collection of outdoor weddings, squeezed into a small frame of time, one may wonder, where do I look to find the perfect outdoor space? And we have prepared ourselves for this very question. With the client, we always start the conversation with region – is it to the North, in Westchester, and beyond, to the Hudson Valley and Catskills where we recommend Gather Greene, Caramoor, and Hutton Brickyard, among others. Or to the beautifully attended local gardens, where we see 620 Loft & Garden and Wave Hill. Or out East, where we can’t help but recommend the Parrish Art Museum (and of course the many beautiful private properties). And naturally, as proprietors of our own organic Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, NY, we can’t help but recommend active farmland, like Fairview Farm at Mecox in Bridgehampton. But then closer to home, we have the best views of the city from the many rooftop spaces like The Bordone, Hudson Mercantile, and 74 Wythe and open-air plazas, like that found at the Museum of the City of New York.

Last year, we were able to stretch that season well beyond what is normally acceptable for outdoor weddings the latest part of October. Creating solutions for the cooling weather was not a problem with the help of pashminas, hot ciders and patio heaters – we even placed spot heaters under the sweetheart’s table for one bride.

As a planner of many types of weddings, hosting in a garden is something that I personally love. The fragrances of seasonal flowers, and the clean air breathing through the surrounding trees, the likely breeze coming through the blades of grass; they all make for a retreat from the nearby city. I love to infuse some element of the surrounding gardens into a cocktail, whether it be a thyme lemonade or a mint julep.

Couples are challenging themselves and their guests to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the big day so they can feel a little safer, and not worry about giving their friends and family that celebratory hug as they say, “I do.” The vaccination card has become a badge of honor among the event community and now couples are even talking about noting on their RSVP cards: “Are you fully vaccinated? YES or NO.”

And with the ever-evolving state guidelines that keep bringing us closer to a “normal” gathering, the optimism in couples is blooming like those very crocus in Central Park, and we are excited to be a part of that optimism!