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Mae Mae Mural Magic


Mae Mae Mural Magic

By Liz Neumark

We recently decorated the outside of our building – and the facade of Mae Mae Cafe + Plant Store – with an incredible mural by @creativefirecracker, designed by @scratch_nyc and painted by @scratch_nyc, @kingbeeuw, #kerz #elvz

We couldn’t be happier with the results – check it out and let us know your favorite feature!

A few weeks ago, a client visiting our commissary for the first time, suggested we put a sign outside of our building that says Great Performances

You could say we did that, Boogie Down Bronx style!

We also wanted to call more attention to our Mae Mae Café and Plant Shop adjacent to the front door at 2417 Third Avenue.  We had tried a 6’ long banner, a neon sign in the café window, planters, A-frames, but nothing worked.  We needed something big and beautiful and visible from afar.

Graffiti walls are a signature of the South Bronx.  The artwork is under highways, on the side of bridge walls, adorns a giant wall at The Dream School and generally dot the Mott Haven landscape. We have a 60’ long mural by Crash that greets visitors to our 3rd floor office. 

We connected with Jenny “Scratch” in September to imagine what the exterior of our building might look like, reflecting the café, our love of fresh produce, and the plants we sell.  Then we submitted the sketch to our landlord and hoped for a yes.  We got it!

The process took 7 days, one boom, a few artists, good weather and lots of spray paint.  We love the joy it brings to our block along with new patrons at the café who “never knew you were there!”

And rest assured, you will know you have arrived at the Great Performances headquarters when you get here!