Our chefs are always looking for new ideas and trends to bring to our tables. We’ve asked them for their insights on food trends that we’ll see for 2021.



In general, customers will be more inclined towards vegetarian food.

We’ve seen in the news and ourselves that Covid 19 attacks those who are weak and with underlying illnesses. We also know many of these illnesses are tied to having a poor diet. I predict that there will be an increased demand in vegetarian food, green salads, whole grains, and low sugar foods.

We’ll see decreases in the use of red meat as I think many customers will prefer to add heart-healthy fish to their dishes.

Chef Juan Carlos


People are struggling with cabin fever, and winter is only starting. We’re seeing it as severe procrastination, a lost sense of time, and uncontrollable eating habits. People are reverting to ordering out instead of cooking, and those who have been cooking regularly are getting bored. People are ready to mix things up and break the fever!

We’re going to see more recipes remixing classic pantry and refrigerator staples! Homemade hummus and black bean dips; roasting vegetables with unusual or new spice combinations; one pan dinners; transforming nuts into candied, toasted or spiced nuts, perfect as a new snack or breakfast topping.

We’re also going to see a lot of international flavors coming into our kitchens from all parts of the globe. I’m excited about flavors and foods from Brazil, Pakistan, and Ethiopia to name a few!

Chef Aya


Consumers are more and more interested in various world cuisines, whether they are ordering them via take-out or as shipped meals, or attempting to prepare them at home themselves. This comes via the explosion of cooking videos and tutorials across all the different channels. My gut instinct tells me Thai cuisine is one of the leaders.

And although there’s interest in healthy meals, comfort food is NOT going away!

Chef Georgette


I’ve been seeing a lot of comfort cooking at home, which blends pre-Covid trends with the current social limitations. We’ll see more cooking demonstrations to support meal kits, and the inclusion of specialty or custom ingredients.

Chef Dana Marie


To go food I believe is still going to take the top spot here for food trends of 2021, at least for the first half. Restaurant style for every day eating, or elevated to meet the needs of a zoom event.

I think people are looking for connection and intimacy. From connecting to a story, to farms and vendors, or even guest chef programs, it’s creating that personal connection between the food and the consumer.

We’re also going to see more health foods infused in regular cooking. Superfoods such as bell peppers, hemp seeds, and walnuts are being added to sauces, smoothies and other foods to boost their nutritional content.

Upcycled food is still cool. Think things like the Momofuku Milk Bar Composte Cookie and the things spare food is creating. In local breweries this is even more prevalent. For example this upcycled watermelon beer from Folksbier has notes like a prosecco, made of spent grains and juice. Great story, local, upcycle, high end beer!

Chef Justin

Virtual Event Planners

Necessity is the mother of invention — or in our case, of reinvention.

Physical events have always been our dinner rolls and cultured butter at Great Performances and we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to return to those days. But with the restraints imposed by Covid and the need to ensure our clients’, guests’ and staff’s health and safety, we’ve pivoted our business in many different ways.

RDP, our events arm at Great Performances, has more than 40 years of event production experience across 26 countries and 65 cities. With a diverse portfolio including physical and virtual events, we’re delighted to launch the newest iteration, RDP Virtual Events.

Under the aegis of seasoned caterer and event production manager Ronnie Davis, our in house team of experts are ready to provide strategic, consultative and production services for virtual events.

“Virtual events are nothing new to us,” explains Ronnie. “We’ve been doing this for years. The only difference is that now RDP Virtual Events is fully focused on this as a way to continue help our clients strengthen their relationships, engage their guests, and share their vision.”

Learn more about RDP Virtual Events.


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For the past several months, as we’ve stayed at home and missed so many of the events that mark our spring and summer, we’ve been busy behind the scenes at Great Performances planning how we’ll be able to run events safely.


Covered Hors d'Oeuvres for catered events
How to make Catered Events Safe During Covid

The scale of our events may have changed, but the care and attention we put into them remain remains the same—if not somewhat heightened.

We’ve stepped back and taken a fresh perspective of how we run events and rethought every single step.

We have two main priorities:

  • running a great event with outstanding food and service for our clients and their guests
  • ensuring that we’re doing all we can to maintain everyone’s health and safety.

From the first moments of collaborating with our clients, we apply our Covid lens.

Top of mind is how to reduce the number of staff members.

We have to rethink menus and how we can continue to deliver flavor and variety but with fewer people in the kitchen.

We carefully plan the entire event, step by step, including preparing and serving food, pickups, beverage service, and bars.

Hors d’oeuvres are passed in covered trays with individual toothpicks to prevent direct contact with the food once it is placed on the tray.

And although bartenders are still preparing drinks at the bar, they’re behind a protective shield with a waiter acting as the liaison between guests ordering beverages and the bartender preparing the orders.

We have a responsibility to keep up to date on the latest guidelines for health and safety at events and gatherings, convey them to our clients, and get ahead of any permits that are required.

"We have to be much more thoughtful, strategic and cognizant and aware of everything that affects the event. In the past, I could have planned an event for 1000 people in less time than it took me to plan a recent event for 40 people.”


Covid safety during weddings
COVID Wedding Catering NY

Of all the events that have been canceled this year, perhaps the most heartbreaking are the weddings.

For the most part, our couples have been incredibly flexible and resilient, despite their disappointment.

With the reopening of outdoor venues, we worked closely with our partners like Wave Hill and Caramoor to create a variety of packages to help couples celebrate their special day with their family and friends with an extra eye on health and safety.

These smaller, more intimate weddings – or microweddings – meet all requirements for social gatherings and we’re happy to celebrate with couples each weekend for the coming month, with back-to-back weddings on each weekend day.

“We are excited to help bring the dreams of our couples to life, even if it’s a little different than what they had originally planned! Many couples have decided to do a smaller ceremony and dinner now with plans to book a ‘Wedding Sequel’ next year: a larger celebration with their originally intended guest list.” Amanda DiUglio, Senior Event Director.

From the moment planning starts, we work together with the couple to help guide COVID-friendly set-ups, floor plans, and menu selections while keeping their personal style and vision.

Learn more about our microweddings.


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