Yoga Instructor

I am a yoga teacher. I normally teach in YMCAs and schools in New Jersey and New York, in Brazil and in Nigeria. With gyms and schools being closed, I had to get creative.

Since my students and I were not inspired by the Zoom alternative to live group practice, I started to post a different Vinyasa sequence each day which students could watch and repeat several times at their convenience. They loved that, and when NY and NJ started reopening, we met in small socially-distanced groups or in family clusters in parks in NJ, Harlem and Brooklyn. I normally teach in Brazil in August; this year I went to do emergency food delivery and COVID-protocol classes on the beach. I normally teach in Nigeria in January; instead I will go next March and teach in outdoor spaces. In my absence, my international students have appreciated my new online instructional presence. I have been grateful to be able to find opportunity and fulfillment in the face of epidemic restrictions.