Composer & Performer

I was a 2021 #CityArtistCorps Grant recipient for my original musical. Since I want to also create opportunities for fellow GP Actors to perform I cast Philip Eng in one of the roles and the 1 night event presentation was SOLD OUT. SOCIAL DISTANCE Musical follows a week amidst the Coronavirus where four multiethnic New York artist friends unite via technology while in quarantine at the start of the pandemic: a black musician, a Chinese gamer, a South East Asian medical student and a BIPOC Social Media Influencer. In the spirit of Lieber and Stoller, Ain’t Misbehavin, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Songs for a New World, SOCIAL DISTANCE is a sung through musical . The presentation took place at the OFF-Broadway PLAYERS THEATRE Oct. 27th, 2021 This is a link to the Broadway World Article: These are the social media links to relive the show with hopes it will progress to a possible bigger opportunity for all involved🤞🏾


Personal / Professional




Joseph Perniciaro | Producer

I am excited to announce a Veteran’s Day benefit weekend reading of Sundogs, I am producing by Howard Emanuel. About the play: In a haunting yet humorous meditation on hope, belief, and love, SUNDOGS explores the emotional and spiritual rebellions of Joseph Garnier, a US Army Sergeant who awakens one day hearing the pounding of drums. He believes The Drums are the key to resurrecting order amid the chaos of his American life. But not even he is prepared for what will perish and what will remain as the sun sets, long-held secrets are revealed, and The Drums continue their crushing crescendo.

Starring Armie Hammer, Jenn Gambatese, Maurice Jones, Tobias Segal, Grace Porter, and Jordan Bridges.

Sunday, November 8th, 2020, 7:30 pm

For tickets, please visit

Benefitting The WPA and Stop Soldier Suicide or Facebook page Stop Soldier Suicide.





I make movies that make me laugh. About ordinary people doing extraordinary stuff.



Matthew Provencal

Writer & Producer

I have been working on a Fantasy Pilot for the last year and a half. I ACTUALLY submitted this project for the $5000 GP Grant at the beginning of this year. I have been funding for it for the last 10 months and have a total of $34,200 with a new goal of $40,000. Once the money is raised and once it is shot and edited, I plan to submit it to TV Networks (Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, ETC). i am actually still looking to finish the casting for it, and am looking for actors of color and ethnicity to fill the remaining roles, (I already have 1 GP person involved in the project). Thank you for reaching back out to me as I would LOVE the support from the GP family!










Tap Dancer & Choreographer

I am a tap dancer: I teach, choreograph and perform tap dance. My “project” simply is to keep dancing and sharing my ideas through the pandemic.

I have been teaching online classes since April. These are interactive classes via Zoom, where I demonstrate and answer questions as we dance. Tap shoes are not required for participation.

I also have been performing online. I post small rhythmic ideas as #timesteptuesday on Instagram every week. I also have shown pre-recorded work on YouTube. I have performed a live set on Instagram. I am flexible and open to ideas!







Archil Gugberidze | Screenwriter & Actor

Hello, I’m Archil an Actor/Screenwriter. I have  published a Screenwriting book couple of months ago which focuses on 5 of my scripts and their philosophical and psychological analyzes.

  • Alternative – Dillon’s last shot on how he could have behaved to be reunited with his fiancée. Can it all be back to where it was?

  • Information – A terrorist attack explained by Media and Students. Which source tells the truth?

  • Perspective – Two opposing views on life from a multimillionaire and a beggar. What do they have in common?

  • Power – A debate between a mistress and wife. Who ruined the marriage?

  • Regrets – After losing what you loved the most, what is left to appreciate?

Currently, we are in the pre-production for one of the short films: Alternative. We are looking for funding, as well as aspiring Actors, Male and Female. Please do not hesitate to contact me if interested.



Actor, Dancer, Filmmaker, Editor, Sound Design

While many projects unfortunately disappeared as a result of COVID, Jennifer has acted in and designed the soundscapes for Sinking Ship Creations interactive-phone-adventures featured in The NY Times and NoProscenium, performed in livestreams including Fable Workshop’s Infection and Co-Reality Collective’s global/virtual Island Festival, acted in and edited films like Hazel’s Adventure (fantasy) and Happy Hour (narrative), and more! She is so grateful for the remote work she has secured thus far. Additionally she would love to collaborate with others on (COVID-safe) dance or movement work in the near future.






Mia Andor Baz | Singer

Baz Singer

Mia Andor Baz (they/them) is a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), singing competitive barbershop-style a cappella music. They moved in with their quartet, Hot Second, in August. While barbershop conventions have been canceled this year, Hot Second is participating in a reality show and charity fundraiser called Barbershop Royale, raising funds for the Ali Forney Center (link to donate below). Hot Second will be livestreaming a concert from home (“The Hot Spot”) later this year — like them on Facebook for updates!

Baz is also a member of the BHS Hell’s Kitchen chapter choruses, Gotham (SATB) and Sirens of Gotham (SSAA). Both choruses are producing content to release this winter.

In October, Baz served as a panelist for the first installment of the BHS’s Inclusion Webinar Series, “Gender identity, LGBTQ+, and Barbershop” to speak about their experiences of inclusion and exclusion as a transgender nonbinary person in as-yet gendered singing organizations. You can watch the recorded webinar at the link below.



Hot Second Quartet, “If I Had My Life To Live Over”:

Sirens of Gotham, Harmony Classic Champions, 2018:


Actor & Filmmaker

Thanks to the GP grant, I was able to produce my short film “Sweetie Pie”! I’m so thankful that the grant allowed me to bring on a great team and realize the world I’d envisioned. We’ve now locked picture and are in the process of submitting to film festivals across the country.



Dancer, Actor & Yoga Instructor

I’m a dancer/actor, born and raised in Japan. I started dancing when I was 4 years old and haven’t really stopped dancing since. I came to NYC to pursue my dream. It was a big adventure for me to move to another country without speaking their language. Somehow I’m still here and I’m grateful for all my family, friends and teachers made me who I am today. And I just became a certified yoga instructor! It’s definitely helping me in this difficult time physically and mentally.