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The I Dos of Wedding Planning: Insights from Experienced Planners



By Great Performances

Weddings are a joyous time of celebration. From selecting colors and menus to picking the perfect outfit and florals, we know that the months leading up to a wedding can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! We have great tips from some of our expert wedding planners and some of their favorite trends for this year.

Do choose a wedding venue that speaks to you – and make it your own! Whether you’re looking for a historic mansion, an outdoor garden, a stunning rooftop, or a museum, we’ve got you covered. Then work with your planners and venue experts to explore the space and find ways to customize the space for your needs.

Do get creative with your menus. We can help you craft a delicious menu that’s unique to your interests and preferences as a couple – while ensuring that it’ll work in your space and preferred style of service.

“Many of our clients are personalizing the culinary experience to further complement the overall atmosphere of their event,” says Kristen Seaman from Laura Remmert Events. “One of our upcoming events will feature a funky, European bistro vibe, so we are curating a menu that has both French and Italian flavors. By adding in details like a pasta course and fun touches like passed charcuterie cones, we’re transitioning away from events having a ‘theme’ and instead focusing on giving them a ‘feel’.”

Do embrace color. Your colors can help set the tone for your wedding! From dreamy pastels to vibrant jewel tones, formal monochromatic tones or dynamic rainbows of color, embrace your colors.

“All of our clients are really leaning into bright and fun colors this year. We spend a lot of time working on a mood board in the early stages of the planning process to have a guide for all the different elements of their wedding day,” shares Veronica Polce of Veronica Joy Events.

Do think about the ceremony. Your ceremony is at least as important as your reception. Bring in elements from your reception and add details, like custom vows, florals, and readings to help make it unique to you and your partner.

“Often, the ceremony is an afterthought or a pro forma procedural concept, not recognized for the art and the magnitude it could carry,” shares Jeannie Uyanik of C & G Weddings. “The more authentic and meaningful a ceremony, the more guests feel invested in the importance of the ritual and in turn, the party. I really changes the energy of a party when you have an AWESOME ceremony!”