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Top 3 Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding


Each season has its perks and pitfalls when it comes to planning a wedding, but oftentimes the positives can outweigh the more unfavorable aspects.


Great Performances Wedding Specialist Amanda DiUglio highlighted for us the top 3 reasons why you should consider getting married in the spring.


#1 All is in bloom


Flourishing in the influx of sunny days, gardens and greenery are bound to be blooming in abundance. Whether you decide to host your ceremony outside or indoors, pulling from the lush natural elements is sure to give your special day an extra dose of serenity. From bountiful bouquets to stunning organic backdrops, you can’t go wrong with incorporating the fruits of the season in your wedding design.


#2 Post-winter and ready to party


Shedding the dreary days of constant gray, woodland creatures aren’t the only ones emerging from hibernation. Though more of the metaphorical variety, it’s undeniable that the first signs of sunlight draw out even the most introverted individual’s desire to socialize. A spring wedding is an enticing break from the monotony of the colder months, sure to increase that RSVP rate and bring together all those you haven’t seen since before the first snowfall.


#3 Temperate temperatures


With warm afternoons and cool evenings, the moderate embrace of spring is sure to create a comfortable atmosphere for your many celebrations. The perfect porridge for a wide array of guests, you’re certain to settle somewhere “just right” when it comes to desired degrees. No sweating through suits or shivering in sleeveless dresses, there will be smiles all around, allowing for an enjoyable exchange of vows.

Main photo credit Gulnara Samoilova