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The 7 Hottest Wedding Food Trends of 2020


By Chef Rob Valencia

Image by Dean Bergey

The team at Great Performances is at the forefront of what’s new and exciting in catering and events. We identify trends before most people know about them and we have even launched a few trends of our own.

In February we celebrate love and our own culinary director Chef Rob Valencia offers his tips on the hottest wedding food trends this year and how to create an unforgettable experience for the lucky couple and their guests.


1. Food as a Prominent Guest Next to the lucky couple, food is the “other” center of attention at every wedding. It’s the most photographed subject on Instagram, making it a prominent (and much loved) guest at any celebration. Great Performances believes that “Life Happens Around Food”, and it’s important to make the right food selections for momentous celebrations like these!

2. Vegetable Forward Menus Although this has been trending for well over the past decade, this year, we’re seeing plant-based options move from the “Silent Vegetarian” option to become a primary choice on menus. Vegetarian doesn’t mean boring and bland anymore; our forward-thinking chefs create vegetarian dishes that are vibrant, visually appealing, and incredibly delicious!

3. Food Stations Instead of seating your guests at one table throughout the reception, themed food stations like savory items, artisanal cheese selections and desserts create a flow that encourages people to move around and experience a variety of different foods all while mingling with other guests in a fun, conversational way! 

4. Zero Proof Cocktails Forget mocktails! “Zero proof” is the new buzzword for exciting non-alcoholic cocktails that taste sophisticated and capture the spirit of their alcoholic cousins, but without the side effects. 

5. Family Style Service Family style dishes allow people to interact with each other in a fun and lively manner. Passing food around the table or serving your fellow guests really enhances the meal and creates contagious communal energy and a sense of sharing!

6. Tradition Weddings celebrate the union of two people lives, including their heritage and culture. Including cuisine from each person’s background brings it all together is a great way to honor their families! More and more people are sharing their family recipes with the chef or otherwise requesting traditional dishes from their childhoods.

7. Sustainability Couples are putting more thought into how their menu selections impact the environment. They care about the story behind their food, and knowing where it comes from provides a tangible connection to the earth. Locally-sourced food tastes better (it’s fresher because it has traveled less), produces less environmental impact and supports local farmers. Great Performances is proud of its proactive approach to sustainability.

Image Credits: ©Great Performances, ©Clay Williams