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What Our Pets Are Eating



By Great Peformances

Many of us at Great Performances are also pet owners (or parents) and adore the little furballs that are part of our families. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite furry friends and the foods and special treats they eat!

Chris Harkness and pet, Duncan

Vice President of Food and Beverage

Duncan loves to eat his food, but he also likes lettuce and especially cheese or anything dairy, that I might or might not let him have.

Trevor Buchanan and pet, Taro

Chief Financial Officer

Taro is hyper-attentive and follows instructions to get his fried sardine treat!

Liz Neumark and pet, Kimchi

CEO and Founder

Kimchi is a bottomless pit.  She relishes endless affection and is always hungry.  Lately, she is enjoying summer watermelon, peaches and tomatoes – a diet that never really works out well for anyone!  We adopted Kimchi in November of 2020 at 7 weeks old – you could say she was our Covid Kitten!  She loves to chase bugs, sleeps in a 4 quart fruit box and enjoys making an appearance on zoom calls whenever possible. 

Wen-Shuan Yang and pet, Kiki

Event Producer

Name: Kiki

Age: 3.5 human years 

Whatever we eat, he needs to sniff and approve. As a mostly vegetarian household, he often gets disappointed. But still need to check anyway 🙂

Alison Panigall and pets, Boo and Fatty

Venue Director

Here are my boys, Boo and Fatty. Almost 12 years old they are brothers and best buds. I rescued them in Florida. 

They beg for treats all day long and love the tuna flavor from Friskies. 

I tried to switch to greenies for a healthier treat, they were not having it! 

Most days I find them curled up napping together. 

Reba Marken and pet, Luna

Venue Amenities Manager

I bake Luna a little tuna cupcake for her birthday each year. She’s obsessed with tuna and loves chowing down on her birthday, April 1st. 🙂