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Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?


On the surface, a wedding planner may not seem like an essential expense, especially when pitted against the more obvious needs of food, your dream venue, and a good DJ. But what most newly-weds-to-be don’t know is that hiring a wedding planner can actually save you money.

And that’s not all. Great Performances Wedding Specialist Amanda DiUglio spoke on the ways in which hiring a wedding planner might just save your big day.

Save Time

“Let the planner do the hard work. Let them research and find out information about all the places you’re looking [and] at the vendors so you don’t have to do any of the stressful things. They can come in [and] they can say here are my top five recommendations and take you through it without you having to do the hours and hours of work it really takes to plan the perfect wedding.”

Save Money

“They can help negotiate. They can help recommend different vendors that might have different price points. They can get you exactly what you’re looking for and help you really craft your budget to make sure it works all within what you’re looking to spend.”

Save Energy

“Your planners have worked in weddings for normally a very long time and have a good list of vendors who they love partnering with. They’re suggesting them because they do a great job and they want your wedding to come out perfect. So trust their recommendations and really look into the vendors that they recommend.”