Winter Reflections from Katchkie Farm

By Jon Ronsani

If I could give a picture of a farming season it would be akin to a voyage out to sea. Once we set sail, there is no turning back. To quote the old English poem “The Seafarer”


True is the tale that I tell of my travels
Sing of my seafaring sorrow and woes
Hunger and hardship’s heaviest burdens
Tempest and terrible toil of the deep
Daily I’ve born on the deck of my boat”
Then one day “land ho.”


Winter is here and we get to dock our metaphorical boat. The rains, droughts, and long days are but distant memories. At that point, they seem more like wise teachers than “hardship’s heaviest burdens.”


The main work on the farm during the shorter days is spent creating the plan for the upcoming growing season which is no small task. The crop plan and outcome of the previous season is reviewed. Changes and improvements are noted and will be put into the upcoming growing season. Then, the big question of what the farm is growing and for whom has to be answered. The answer to this question drives the whole shape of the farm for the upcoming year. If we were growing tomatoes for canning and U pick pumpkins, the plan would be very different than it would if we were growing 50 different crops harvested over 22 weeks for a CSA. In general, the more diverse the range of crops, the more nuanced the management must be. Answering all questions from the number of plants needed, projected yield, crop revenue, needed yield, seeding dates, nutrient needs, field preparation, harvest dates, crop rotations, distribution and labor needs for each crop is what creates the plan. The aforementioned plan is essential, but this is one part of the farmer’s work in winter.


I tend to think that some of the most important work of the farmer happens in the longer nights of winter. This is the time that the farmer can rekindle their love with farming and the farm. For me this happens in many ways. One is while spending more time with the family. Children have such a unique way of doing any task. This can be eating dinner, drawing, painting, playing board games, and building, among other things. They are not so concerned with the “rules” as they are with fully immersing themselves in what they are doing. This really reminds me not to connect with solely the plan of the farm, but to also connect with why I made the plan. Children also have such an innate sense of wonder that is very inspiring as well.


Farming is full of natural processes that I could chemically explain, but if you asked me with that knowledge to make a leaf of lettuce, I would be completely at a loss. I would still need a lettuce seed to make that leaf of lettuce. Reconnecting with that sense of wonder is so essential for me. Experiencing that sense in my children also inspires me to look at the farm in a different way during the day.


While I walk around the fields in the winter, I cannot help but wonder what is slumbering under the soils and what shape the fields will take as they start to grow our food. Looking at the snow-covered fields is really like looking at a blank canvas. Crop by crop, the fields will become full again creating a new composition unique to each season. Those long winter nights are also the perfect time to study agriculture. I had recently come across what the farmers of the ancient Persian empire studied. They studied mathematics, art, music, astronomy, and medicine. I have to admit that my depth of knowledge does not go that far, but delving into some of the great works of literature or study of the stars is something that can only be savored in the winter nights.


After about two months of this kind of this nourishment, it is time to set sail for another voyage and start the season again. I do have to say that with each voyage the breadth of vision is a little wider and the ups and downs of the farming season are easier to navigate.


By Great Performances

On June 7, 2023,  Hot Bread Kitchen celebrated 15 years of Investing in Breadwinners at their Fête for 15 at The Altman Building in New York City. We were delighted to be their catering partner, and Gary Bedigan, Senior Event Director, and Kevin Jaeger, Event Producer, worked closely with the Hot Bread Kitchen team and the guest chefs to ensure the event went smoothly and that the food and service were beyond par. This included coordinating with dozens of chefs and our culinary team to create a feast for 300 guests including a VIP tasting experience featuring David Waltuck of Chanterelle; Regina Onal of Oohlam; Camari Mick and Mary Attea of The Musket Room and Rafs New York; and Chef Jae of KJUN.

Honoring longtime Hot Bread Kitchen Board Chair Diana Taylor and partners King Arthur Baking Company, the Fête for 15 Breadwinners Benefit gave guests a taste of the diverse flavors and talents of our city–and of Hot Bread Kitchen’s impact on our community and beyond. 

During this evening of community and culinary magic hosted by Gail Simmons, they gave a toast to the collaboration, dedication, and growth that have helped hundreds of women and people of color launch culinary careers and achieve economic mobility over the past 15 years.

Check out the photo gallery and menu below.

Photo credit Eric Vitale Photography



Mar Biscuits, Hav & Mar
with teff and honey. Vegetarian.

Blue Cornbread, Hav & Mar
with togarashi and blue mas
a. Vegetarian

Hot Bread Kitchen Challah Roll


Jerk Chicken Taco, 2 Girls & A Cookshop
Hot Bread Kitchen Breadwinner
Contains nuts. Vegetarian taco available on request.


Sofrito Roasted Chicken, Tatiana by Chef Kwame
Sazón Tomato Stew, Gordal & Castelvetrano Olives, Tarragon
Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Braised Oxtails, Tatiana by Chef Kwame
Thumbelina Carrot, Chayote Squash
Gluten Free

Hot Bread Kitchen Breadwinner


Plantain, Green Pepper & Arugula Salad, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen
Vegan, Gluten Free

Taro & Sweet Potato Curry, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen
Contains nuts. Vegan, Gluten Free

Pan Fried Okra, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen
Vegan, Gluten Free

Rice & Peas, Tatiana by Chef Kwame
Contains nuts. Vegetarian


Comtesse de Malet Roquefort Bordeaux Blanc 2020
Comtesse de Malet Roquefort Bordeaux Rouge 2019


Pizzette Tomato, Ci Siamo
Calabrian Chili

Vegetable Lumpiang, OohlamNY

Shrimp Lumpiang, Oohlam NY

Beef Sudanese Sambuxas, Sambuxa NYC

Feta Dill Sudanese Sambuxas, Sambuxa NYC

Carrot Tartar
Parsley, Horseradish, Capers, Dijon, Onyx Crisp

Tuna in a Birds Nest
Tuna, Wasabi Sesame Yuzu Vinaigrette, Wasabi Tobiko, Micro Shiso

Green Chickpea Pani Puri
Mint, Candied Cumin Seeds



Spiced Walnut Baklava, BiBi’s Bakery

Vegan Coconut Almond Baklava, BiBi’s Bakery

Chocolate Barbary Cookies, BiBi’s Bakery

Jeweled Tea Cookies, BiBi’s Bakery

Tricolore Sundae, Mel’s Pizzeria

Petit Four, Natasha Pickowicz

Photo credit Eric Vitale


By Great Performances

On May 16, we were thrilled to be the catering partners for TelevisaUnivision’s upfront at Pier 36 (Basketball City). Their team was incredible to work with and it was a fun challenge to design a menu that matched their creativity, vision, and theme “Grow with Us.”

Our custom menu included items from all over the Latin diaspora, and we were able to include The Sylvia Center, who they had featured in a segment in March. We also customized vessels and food sizes to match the branded items they provided, including empanada sleeves and stirrers.

We also worked with La Newyorkina, a local Latin vendor we partner with regularly and feature as part of our People’s Kitchen program.

The Menu

Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

  • Poblano Chicken Salad, Yukon Gold Potato Crisp
  • Grilled Skirt Steak, Chimichurri, Plantain Crisp
  • Short Rib Tostada, Corn Tortilla, Radish, Cilantro, Chipotle Crema, Chili Demi-Glace
  • Fluke Ceviche, Leche de Tigre, Cilantro, Red Jalapeño, Rice Crisp
  • Grilled Shrimp, Adobo, Olives
  • Maiz Tostado con Aji Amarillo

Empanada Station

  • Chicken Adobo, Crema de Rocoto
  • Spinach, Mushroom, and Manchego
  • Puerto Rican Beef & Plantain
  • Apple Nutella

El Caribe Station

  • Pollo Guisado with Yellow Rice, Cucumber, Pepper Slaw
  • The Sylvia Center Jicama Slaw
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi, Coconut Pineapple Salsa
  • Yucca Frito con Huancaína

Casa Havana Station

  • Cuban Sandwiches
  • Ropa Vieja with Yellow Rice
  • Plantain Chips

Ranchito Station

  • Quinoa Stuffed Enchiladas, Salsa Verde
  • Braised Short Rib Quesadilla
  • Avocado Tostadas
  • Grilled Corn Salad

Dessert Station

  • Cinnamon Churros
  • Guava and Cheese Hand Pies
  • Fruit Skewers with Chamoy and Tajin


By Great Performances

On May 18, Open House New York hosted its Open City Benefit, a “celebration of the power of place and new possibilities for our city.” They celebrated at the newly transformed Powerhouse Arts; the just-opened venue – once a power plant – is now a contemporary art center and large-scale fabrication studio. As long-time OHNY supporters (Liz Neumark, CEO and Founder of Great Performances, currently sits on the board), we were thrilled to be their catering partner for this 400-person gala.

Powerhouse Arts is a dynamic venue for an event. Large, open spaces provide the perfect canvas for the most active imaginations. As caterers feeding 400 people family-style, it presented a significant challenge: due to the size and scope of the space and event, serving a hot meal would be challenging.

Morgan Golumbuk, Senior Event Director, collaborated with the OHNY team and GP Culinary Director Andrew Smith to curate a menu that would be delicious served at room temperature. We developed two brand-new seasonal protein dishes for the occasion and engaged with partner Eat Offbeat to provide a couple of their incredibly delicious recipes (that just happened to be vegan!): their Chickpea Salad and their Iraqi Sumac Salad.

We tapped into a local source for dessert, serving rainbow-sprinkled cake pops, chocolate-covered Oreos with vibrant drizzles, and multi-hued macarons from Buttermilk Bakeshop. The colorful theme was a nod to the dynamic graffiti and murals covering the venue’s historic brick walls.


By Great Performances

After several years of stops and starts and stops again, we’ve been delighted to fill our days with planning and running events for many of our long-time clients at a variety of venues. This past May, we were especially thrilled to execute an event for a health network who hosted their first inaugural black tie celebration and fundraiser at The Glasshouse, one of the most stunning event spaces in New York City. With almost 1,000 people in attendance, it’s an event that they won’t forget – with foods they’ll crave – for a long time.

Guests’ eyes were delighted at every turn as they took in the scenery of the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River, and beyond; and as they viewed the delectable food on display on trays being passed by our team, at stations, and at chef showcases.

An objective for the event was to encourage mingling and guest interaction, a trend we’ve been observing for the better part of the year. Many organizations are trying to find ways to reduce the time guests spend locked down at a table, instead looking for ways to get guests moving and mingling. Food and beverage stations spread out across the space provided natural cues to encourage guests to move around, explore the space, and engage with others.

It’s an acknowledged truth that we eat with our eyes first, and we pulled out all the stops for this event, serving a variety of passed hors d’oeuvres, setting up multiple stations across the space, and creating intimate, engaging vignettes with our Atelier Stations. From fun presentations of comfort foods like shrimp and grits and spaghetti and meatballs to decadent delights like foie gras, lobster tails, and truffles, we had something for everyone.

Read on to explore the space and vicariously enjoy our food through photos.

Recently opened in 2021, The Glasshouse is the perfect venue for large, high-end events. Located on 12th Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets, Glasshouse features panoramic views of Manhattan, the Hudson River, and beyond from two event terraces, private terraces off their Green Rooms, and the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the space. State-of-the-art technology for lighting, audio, and video support all visual and audio effects, including a premium experience for entertainment and private concerts. Additionally, the space has the infrastructure for enhanced installations including video walls, step & repeats, and more.

With 75,000 square feet of space and capacity for 1,850 people, the spaces are configurable to allow for varying room sizes and shapes. Truly, an event planner’s dream.

Learn more about Glasshouse at this link.

Hors d'Oeuvres - Luxurious Bites for all Palates

Cater waiters dressed in black processed throughout the space carrying our custom made Busker Trays containing delicious bites of BBQ Shrimp and Poblano Peppers on a Stone Ground Grit Cake. Our chefs turned homestyle comfort foods like shrimp and grits and the spaghetti and meatballs into eye catching bites; created vegan and gluten free hors d’oeuvres like our Habanero Smoked Tofu Tacos on Watermelon Radish Bites that were anything but bland; and created fun plays on dishes like our twist on a classic PBJ with Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Pistachio Butter, and Sour Cherry Preserves and our Duck Rillette Fritter with Cranberry Port Jam on a Rosemary Skewer.

Bright bold flavors, comfort food made luxurious, and decadent bites that hit every taste bad came with enough variety to satisfy a variety of dietary preferences from vegan to gluten free to keto.

Stations - Global Flavors

Strategically spaced throughout the venue, our themed stations captured global flavors and featured regional favorites with a Great Performances twist.

Our Carving Station featured an assortment of carved-to-order meats with accompanying sauces and sides

  • 32oz Bone-In Ribeye with a trio of sauces: Bordelaise, Chimichurri, Horseradish Cream
  • Roast Duck Breast Lapérouse with Gruyère and Mustard
  • Foie Gras Terrine with Pomegranate Gelée, Pistachio Crumble
  • Classic Pommes Duchesse
  • Broccoli Rabe with Lemon, Garlic, Pine Nuts

Our Pinxtos Station featured flavors of Northern Spain and the Basque region

  • Basque Chicken with Tri Colored Peppers, Onions
  • Tortilla Española
  • Aged Manchego and Mushroom Brochettes
  • Wild Cèpes with Cured Quail Yolks
  • Croquetas de Bacalao
  • Hand Carved Jamón
  • Hearts of Palm Salad

Our Seafood Station brought delicacies from the seas and oceans prepared in a variety of styles

  • Crab Salad with Pomelo, Mint
  • Lightly Cured Arctic Char with Olive Oil Poached Peppers, Anchovy
  • Colossal Shrimp with Lemon-Tarragon Aioli and Horseradish and Smoked Tomato Cocktail Sauce
  • Chilled Lobster Tail
  • West Coast Oysters (Fanny Bay, Kumamoto, Big Cove) with Mignonette
  • Young Coconut Aguachile with Avocado, Lime, Cilantro

Tuscan Station transported us to the sun-soaked hill towns of Italy

  • Sage-Stuffed Veal Breast Roulade – Braised Gigante Beans
  • Ricotta Stuffed Ravioli – Morels, Sweet Peas, Parmesan
  • Cavatelli Primavera – Fiore di Sardo Fondutti
  • Grilled Asparagus – Ricotta Salata, Lemon, Basil
  • Eggplant Milanese – Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  • Roasted Sweet Yellow Peppers – Black Olive, Yellow Raisins, Capers, Anchovy
  • Baguette Spike

Atelier Stations - Showcasing Chefs' Magic

We featured four showcase stations – our Atelier Stations – that allowed our chefs to create made-to-order luxurious dishes. Our chefs demonstrated their great skill, precision, and attention to detail as they crafted their dishes.

  • Japanese Turnips, Eryngii, Matsutake, Trumpet Mushrooms, Black Truffle, Smoked Dashi, Broth
  • Red Snapper Leche de Tigre Ceviche
  • Fresh Cut Toro, Caviar, Yuzu Pearls, Gold Leaf
  • Seared 45-Day Dry-Aged Kobe Sirloin, Japanese Uni and Shiitake Summer Roll (Madeira Gastrique, Oyster Sauce, Chive Purée)

Sweet Finish - Desserts that Captured the Imaginations and Hearts

And of course, what meal is complete without a Dessert Station that offered sweet and savory treats

  • Golden Pistachio Praline Chocolate Truffle on a Gold Lollipop Stick
  • Three-Layer Panna Cotta with Coconut Cream, Passion Fruit, Blackberry
  • Espresso Boca Negra Cake
  • Buckwheat Sable Raspberry Chantilly Creamwich
  • Chocolate & Cheese Board

We also invited a few of our favorite partners to join us and share their specialty desserts: La Newyorkina with their famous paletitas and Fluff n Fluff with their playful and dramatic cotton candy.


Celebrating the launch of the 2022 #BlackVisionaries program with Instagram and The Brooklyn Museum

By Great Performances

For the third year in a row, Instagram is partnering with the Brooklyn Museum and the curator Antwaun Sargent to invest in emerging creative communities. Building on the 2021 #BlackDesignVisionaries grant program, the 2022 program aims to uplift, center and invest in Black voices and organizations working across both art and design.

Instagram, Antwaun and the Brooklyn Museum believe that impactful ideas happen at the intersection of art and design. This year, with the support of Meta Open Arts, they are opening up their grants to visual artists, as well. The new name, #BlackVisionaries, reflects this expansion. #BlackVisionaries aims to deepen the impact of the grant program, which means expanding access to more Black creative communities. For more information about the #BlackVisionaries program visit this link.

Our team recently had the pleasure of hosting a luncheon party at the Brooklyn Museum to share the announcement of the program with emerging artists and designers. We loved the footage so much that we wanted to share it with you.


By Great Performances

As spring blossoms across the city and the days get warmer, we start thinking about outdoor summer events. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular outdoor event venues that give you and your guests spectacular views and the opportunity to interact with nature — both flora and fauna!

From corporate events as companies onboard new team members, welcome summer associates, and host employee family picnics to nonprofit events including fundraising galas and charity functions we have the perfect outdoor venues for groups of all sizes.

We’ve also got venues that are perfect for social events including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and lifecycle celebrations.

Check out the list of our most popular outdoor event venues and schedule some time with a planner today to book your outdoor event!

Central Park Zoo

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by staying inside the city! This 6.5-acre tranquil oasis in the heart of Manhattan includes more than 1,400 animals representing more than 130 species from around the world.

Sip cocktails while you watch sea lions folic then stroll through lush gardens before enjoying a meal under a twinkle-light festooned tent. This exotic environment set against a classic NYC backdrop is simply iconic.

Learn More

Prospect Park Zoo


A hidden gem nestled in Prospect Park on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn is the Prospect Park Zoo. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s an ideal venue for smaller and larger groups of animal lovers.

In the Rotunda, you’ll meet the Hamadryas baboons and marvel at the 6,000-gallon fish tank. You’ll encounter more animals while wandering down the Discovery Trail before arriving at the Barn where animals are fed. The center piece, is the Sea Lion Pool, the perfect backdrop or background for a whimsical wedding ceremony.

Learn More


Sunken Garden at Caramoor in Katonah New York on July 18, 2021. 
(photo by Gabe Palacio)

Spectacular gardens, woodland trails, and an impressive great house as a centerpiece, Caramoor is home to metropolitan New York’s largest annual outdoor music festival. It’s the perfect venue for those who love music and nature!

With plenty of space for weddings, celebrations, and gatherings of all types, Carmoor has a wide range of facilities available. For nature enthusiasts who want to experience the best of summer outdoors, Caramoor is a must.

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Wave Hill

Joseph Lin

This hidden gem in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx boasts its own microclimate. Stroll along trails in the woods studded with a stunning variety of plants. You’ll always find something blooming at Wave Hill! The Pergola frames views of the Hudson River and the Palisades, providing a romantic backdrop for a wedding. We love the peace and tranquility of the Aquatic Garden, and the Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory is a dreamy location for photos.

For those preferring an indoor event, Armor Hall’s towering cathedral windows create a majestic atmosphere while the wood-paneled Mark Twain Room offers peace and tranquility.

Learn More

620 Loft & Gardens

rooftop wedding venues midtown nyc

Above the bustle of Fifth Avenue is an oasis. A combination city garden and downtown-style loft, 620 Loft & Garden is the perfect midtown location for a memorable event.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral provide a dramatic backdrop for the landmark garden with flagstone pathways and meticulously manicured gardens.

Dine under the stars while enjoying the twinkling lights of the city from the Penthouse Rooftop Garden or enjoy the views from inside the Loft or combine the best of two worlds in our Tented Garden —  620 Loft & Garden is the perfect way to enjoy the city and celebrate your event.

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Ellis Island


Ellis Island offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the exclusive use of a National Monument. Explore the museum and take advantage of National Park Service Ranger Tours to round out your visit. You’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline and you dine under the stars and revel in the magic that is New York City.

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Wollman Rink


Ice skating by winter, rollerskating by summer! DiscOasis has rolled into Wollman Rink this summer, making it a groovy spot for skaters of all experience levels!

Whether your looking for a small group outing perfect for team building or large scale event, Wollman Rink rocks!

Learn More


By Great Performances

This month we’re celebrating the long-anticipated opening of Trinity Café located at Trinity Commons in the Financial District. The café, which will be open to the public, provides meals for the Trinity staff and building tenants. Featuring a seasonal buffet prepared in-house daily,  delectable made to order sandwiches and salads, and a host of grab-and-go items, it’s sure to become a local favorite for breakfast, lunch, and those mid-meal cravings. A huge congratulations to the team who made it happen!

Trinity Café is a public café that offers light breakfast and lunch fare to tenants in the building, the Trinity staff, and guests visiting the Wall Street area. The airy, welcoming space is the perfect place to grab a pastry and cup of coffee, or, for those who can linger, the best avocado toast in town along with a hand-crafted Honey Rose Latte. Lunch at Trinity Cafe includes some classic salads and sandwiches as well as some creative options developed by Chef Pat Marrett: The Hamilton Salad (toasted pecans, a perfectly boiled egg with a jammy yolk, blue cheese, and a housemade buttermilk ranch dressing on top of mixed greens); The Downtown Cuban Sandwich (chef’s mojo pork, swiss cheese, mustard, smoked ham, and dill pickle chips on a cuban baguette). Sweet treats include a vegan chocolate Chia Seed Pudding with toasted coconut and banana chips (chocolate decadence made healthy), Greek Yogurt Parfait with house-made fruit compote and granola, and freshly baked cookies that are sure to tempt kids and adults a like.

We’ve partnered with Mike’s Hot Honey to create our Fried Chicken Sandwich and Stumptown Coffee Roasters is our coffee provider.

You can view our full menu below, but be sure to come and check us out in person!

Trinity Café

at Trinity Commons

Main Floor
76 Trinity Place,
New York, NY 10006


By Great Performances

At Great Performances, we have the pleasure of working with some of the most iconic venues and cultural institutions in New York City, including Jazz at Lincoln Center. Our event team works tirelessly on every event, ensuring that the menus will tempt the guests, that the food is beautiful and delicious, and the service is impeccable. And at no venue are we more thrilled to see things come to life than at Jazz. The past few months have been especially notable for the variety of events we’ve held there.

Jazz at Lincoln Center is one of the most versatile, dynamic venue for events. This multi-faceted space includes stunning views of Columbus Circle and Central Park South, state of the art audio visual technology, and flexible rooms which allow for a variety of configurations. It’s the perfect venue for conferences, gala, film premiers, concerts, and weddings. Events become experiences at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The elegance and beauty of Jazz at Lincoln Center, particularly the three-story windows in the Appel Room that offer spectacular views of New York City, make Jazz a stunning setting for awards ceremonies and tribute events.

Highly configurable rooms make Jazz at Lincoln Center a favorite location for some of the top corporate events and conferences. From a hybrid dinner and performances in the Appel Room, to a fall-themed annual investor conference and a corporate 25th Anniversary Gala, we’ve hosted Fortune 500 companies, C-level executives, and high-profile industry leaders at Jazz.

Film premieres find the perfect stage in The Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center which boasts the ATMOS® Cinema System. 108 speakers create a state-of-the-art surround sound cinematic experience that ensures every nuance of a film is heard. Configurable seating options help to create the perfect experience for audiences. Some notable premiers from the past year include The Last Duel starring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jodie Comer; National Geographic’s anthology series The Hot Zone; Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story; Stillwater with Matt Damon; House of Gucci with Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Adam Driver; Don’t Look Up with Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep; and Being the Ricardos with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem.

Nonprofit organizations have long held events at Jazz at Lincoln Center, including UNICEF’s 75th anniversary held on Giving Tuesday this year. The configurable tiered seating in the Appel Room lends itself well to dinners during a presentation as it gives everyone an excellent view of the speakers; while the Ertegun Atrium’s large floor plan, and floor-to-ceiling windows provide bright, natural light during the day and dramatic views of New York City during the evenings.

Jazz at Lincoln Center is an incredibly special venue for weddings. Music buffs and Jazz lovers will appreciate the space and its history. And of course, when looking for elegant spaces, incredible views, and a variety of spaces to have a reception, a seated dinner, dancing, and an after party, Jazz at Lincoln Center is perfect for weddings.

Check out some of the photos from our events in our galleries below!


2021 Heisman Trophy Ceremony on ESPN

After touring dozens of venues across New York City, the Heisman Trust and ESPN leaders selected the stunning Appel Room for the Heisman Trophy Ceremony held Saturday, December 11, 2021. Production design was done by award-winning creative director David Korins with lighting design by David Grill and a 9-foot tall hand-carved and painted replica Heisman trophy by Rebecca Ward of Mystic Scenic Studios.

Heisman Trophy Ceremony Menu
Chicken & Waffle, maple butter and syrup, crispy kale; Lobster Roll, toasted brioche, chives; Habanero Lime Fish Taco, crispy corn tortilla; Thick Cut Smoked Bacon Bao Bun, heirloom tomato, kimchi, sriracha aioli; BBQ Short Rib, roasted poblano, stone ground grits; Boneless Lamb Chop, mint chimichurri, pretzel brochette; Roasted Cherry Tomato Tatin, savory onion jam; Truffled Mushroom and Fontina Pizzetta; Cheeseburger Slider, cheese, thin butter pickles, ketchup, mustard.


Annual Investor Conference

Bright, open spaces and easily configurable seating make Jazz at Lincoln Center an easy choice for corporate events, easily accommodating a 200-person annual investor conference. Spectacular views of New York City and Columbus Circle provided the backdrop in the Appel Room for the seated dinner that capped the event.

Annual Investor Conference Break Menu
Truffle & Herb Popcorn; GP Signature Nori Crunch Mix, plantain chips, wasabi green peas, corn nuts, roasted chickpeas, nori, smoked paprika; Root Vegetable Chips, yucca, beet, golden potato

Annual Investor Conference Dinner Menu
Roasted Winter Squash Trio & Burrata, brussels sprouts, apple, endive, pumpkin seeds, rye crisp

Duo of Filet Mignon & Branzino, roasted cauliflower, almonds, baby leeks, fingerling potatoes, romesco sauce, bordelaise sauce; Vegan Torta Panzanella, roasted, smoked and marinated vegetables, herbed polenta, balsamic glaze, basil oil

Golden Apple Dome, vanilla apple compote, caramel mousse, caramel glaze; Key Lime Tartlet; Cookies & Cream Cone; Turtle Brownie

Lemon Meringue Pie Pop; Raspberry Ganache Cup, red berries, raspberry balsamic ganache, dark chocolate cup; Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie & Vanilla Milkshake; Assorted Truffles

Crepe Station, chocolate creme crepe cake, vanilla creme crepe cake, chocolate sauce, matcha sauce, mango sauce, raspberry sauce

Corporate Anniversary Dinner and Performance

The Appel Room boasts a stage that can be configured to accommodate a seated dinner while a performance takes place on the stage below, all with dazzling views of New York City and Central Park South in the background. This provided the perfect setting for a 150-person corporate anniversary event.

Corporate Anniversary Dinner Menu
Kabocha Squash & Apple Tart, whipped goat cheese, gotham greens, cider vinaigrette; Salanova Greens & Blossoms, carrot-elderflower emulsion, lemon vinaigrette, toasted sunflower seeds

Grilled Prime Beef Entrecote, truffled potato gratin, gruyere creamed spinach, bordelaise sauce; Wild Rice Crusted King Salmon, arugula pesto, dill butter braised red beet, radish, turnip; Vegan Torta Panzanella, roasted, smoked and marinated vegetables, herbed polenta, balsamic glaze, basil oil

Chocolate Blackout, chocolate crémeux; malted milk chocolate custard, devil’s food cake, blackout chocolate glaze, chocolate pretzel crunch, sugar beet gel


Film and Movie Premieres

The Rose Theater boasts the ATMOS® Cinema System featuring 108 speakers that create a state-of-the-art surround sound cinematic experience. Adjacent to the Ertegun Atrium, the perfect space for a red carpet, and plenty of space for a cocktail reception, after party, and more, Jazz at Lincoln Center has been beloved by production companies for decades. This year, we’ve been delighted to host many premieres including Being the Ricardos, Hot Zone, House of Gucci, Last Duet, Stillwater, and West Side Story.

Sample Cocktail Reception Menus – 1
Classic Arancini; Truffled Mushroom Pizzetta, frisee, fontina, lemon; Spicy Thai Chicken, baby gem lettuce cup; Pink Snapper Ceviche Taco, charred celeriac taco shell, jalapeño, green olive, micro radish; Lobster Roll, toasted brioche, chives; Food Hall Beef Burger, onion jam, fontina; Cuban Sandwich, roasted pork, swiss cheese; Pulled Chicken, green chili, polenta cake

Mocha Brownie Bites, coffee whipped ganache; Blackberry Cheesecake

Sample Cocktail Reception Menus – 2
Hot & Spicy Chicken Meatball, thunder pickle remoulade; Spaghetti & Meatball, fra diavolo sauce; Smoked Salmon Napoleon, horseradish cream, dill; Rare Seared Tuna, hawaiian black sea salt, apple celery root remoulade, gaufrette; Coconut Shrimp, apricot mustard; Thick Cut Smoked Bacon Bao Bun, heirloom tomato, kimchi, sriracha aioli; Habanero Smoked Tofu Taco, watermelon radish wrap; Hudson Valley Succotash Tart, sunchoke puree, crispy kale

Sample Cocktail Reception Menus – 3
Hot & Spicy Chicken Meatball, thunder pickle remoulade; Burger Slider, onion jam, fontina; BBQ Short Rib, roasted poblano, stone ground grits; Smoked Salmon Napoleon, horseradish cream, dill; Rare Seared Tuna, hawaiian black sea salt, apple celery root remoulade, gaufrette; Coconut Shrimp, apricot mustard; Habanero Smoked Tofu Taco, watermelon radish wrap; Truffled Mushroom & Fontina Pizzetta; Crispy Mac & Cheese Bite


Unicef 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Jazz at Lincoln Center has hosted dozens of nonprofit events over the years. Unicef’s 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner included speakers, performances, and videos, all of which were integrated seamless into the event. Dozens of opportunities for custom branding include light projections, custom seatback covers, and chocolate disks bearing the Unicef logo.

Spaghetti & Meatball, fra diavolo sauce; Boneless Lamb Chop, mint chimichurri, pretzel brochette; Lobster Roll, toasted brioche, chives; Rare Seared Tuna, hawaiian black sea salt, apple celery root remoulade, gaufrette; Butternut Squash & Fig Tartlet, goat cheese, toasted pistachio; Habanero Smoked Tofu Taco, watermelon radish wrap;

Nonprofit Gala Menu
Roasted Winter Squash Trio & Burrata, brussels sprouts, apple, endive, pumpkin seeds, rye crisp

Filet Mignon Bordelaise, spinach rosti, red beet soubise

Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Lollipops, blue sprinkles; Fruit Tartlet; Lemon Meringue Pie Pop; Mocha Brownie Bites, coffee whipped ganache; Raspberry Ganache Cup, red berries, raspberry balsamic ganache, dark chocolate cup; UNICEF Logo Chocolate Disk


Romantic Weddings

We don’t often host weddings at Jazz at Lincoln Center, but when we do, you know it’ll be spectacular. From the dazzling backdrop of New York City and Central Park South visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows in both the Ertegun Atrium and the Appel Room, to dramatic lighting and stunning florals, the 200-plus guests were captivated by the views. Add in delectable food from cocktial reception through after party, and you’ve got an event that people will remember for years to come.

Wedding Menu
Mini Peking Duck Rolls, crepe, scallion, celery, hoisin sauce; Seared Foie Gras, lingonberry jam, brioche toast; Lobster Roll, buttered brioche, chives, gold foil; Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail; Wild Mushroom Beggar’s Purse; Beef Filet, balsamic onion jam, horseradish cream, ficelle crostini, chive; Spaghetti & Meatball, fra diavolo sauce; Potato Latkes, smoked salmon rosette, crème fraiche, dill; Maryland Crab Cake, shaved fennel, orange and radish slaw; Edamame Truffle Dumplings, miso broth

Oyster Station; Sushi Station

Poached Lobster, cauliflower sprouts, carrots, caviar, watercress, blood orange vinaigrette; Burrata, butternut squash puree, spice pickled grapes, chervil, pink peppercorn

Herbed Double Lamb Chop, haricot verts, truffled mashed potatoes, red wine sauce, mint sauce; Sea Bass, tomato confit, spinach, turnips, carrots, coconut green onion jasmine rice, saffron beurre blanc sauce; Eggplant Chermoula, roasted cherry tomato, harissa, tahini, herbed cauliflower couscous, crispy chickpeas

Individual Wedding Cakes
Cinnamon Churros, dulce de leche sauce; Garnished Hot Apple Cider; Mini Apple Cider Doughnuts; Lemon Meringue Pie Pop; S’mores Cone; Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie & Vanilla Bourbon Milkshake Shot; Espresso Martini Shot

Pizza; Grilled Cheese; Waffles; Ice Cream

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By Liz Neumark

We have a passion for serving others. There is nothing predictable (think weather), simple (think complex pre-event emotions) or easy (have you driven a truck in NYC?) for our sales and planning teams. But every day, they get it right! 

With thanksgiving in mind, we want to share some of the wonderful notes we receive from our clients. It is a tribute to our GP family but also a reminder of how powerful the written note of thanks can be.

Wedding, Wave Hill, The Bronx, NY

About the Event

  • Event: Wedding
  • Location: Wave Hill
  • GP Planners: Amanda DiUglio, Emily Schreiber

From the Client

Amanda!!! We can’t thank you enough for everything you and the GP team did to make our wedding so perfect on Saturday. 

Like…REALLY can’t thank you enough.

At our brunch yesterday morning, the GP food and service was the talk of the town! Everyone was raving about everything they ate (cookie pizza obviously included!!!) and made special note of how amazing the service was and how wonderful the staff was. One of our friends said it was the safest and most “back to normal” she’s felt in 2 years. She said they’d turned down numerous events over the last few months but felt confident we’d have a plan in place for making everyone feel good. She said your team went above and beyond her expectations. 

Did I mention people loved the food???? 😂😍 Literally everyone was raving about everything from the fritters and the taco station to the pretzel bread/baguette (um yes! I love pretzels and didn’t know this was gonna be a thing!) to the steak to the incredible perfectly melted-ness but not too melted of the ice cream. (This is an excellent thing, I say that as an ice cream connoisseur.) People were like, “Wait isn’t wedding food supposed to be like..not good??” At our wedding, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We really just are amazed at how incredible everything was. The room was electric and people were so happy and we know it’s because they felt SAFE and happy and fittingly full! 

We really are just wowed. I want to also give a HUGE shoutout to Tasha who was cool as a cucumber and a wonderful human being. I didn’t realize the GP bridal attendant would be so key to our day (I mean, delivering Diet Cokes is obviously key to the day…but I didn’t realize she would be with me the whole night!!), and I believe it’s a HUGELY marketable part of the GP package. Grateful to Tasha for carrying my chapstick (critical!), helping me with my Saks-disaster of a bustle and sourcing granulated sugar when I got the hiccups! (It DID work, for what it’s worth!) 

If I can be a reference for you guys or a website testimony or anything moving forward, I would be ecstatic to be. I’m on a list of 500 women in media/tech/entertainment and plan to send around your email and the GP info when I do a write up of how amazing my wedding vendors were. 

Wedding, Glenmere Mansion, Hudson Valley, New York

About the Event

  • Event: Wedding
  • Location: Glenmere Mansion
  • GP Planners: Amanda DiUglio, Emily Schreiber

From the Client

You beat me to it! 

Our experience with Great Performances under your leadership was impeccably professional and delightful from start to finish. 

GP was the shining light among vendors amidst the roller coaster trajectory of the pandemic. 

The quality of your food, service and presentation, second to none. 

[We] are grateful to you for helping to make our daughter and son-in-law’s celebration at Glenmere so delicious, beautiful and memorable. 

You haven’t seen the last of us!

Conference, The Glasshouse, Manhattan, New York

About the Event

  • Event: Technology Conference
  • Location: The Glasshouse
  • GP Planners: Jill Cole, Sara VanWeichen

From the Client

Thank you to you, Forrest, Ken and the rest of the GP staff for all of your help and support leading up to and during the event.

I’m not sure how the event would have turned out if you weren’t one of our partners as we took on the Glasshouse as a venue. You helped us navigate so much from what you shared and who knows how much more was done behind the scenes. It’s so comforting to know that catering is something you never have to worry about when we do our events with you. 

The food and service was top notch as always. Gotta love it when your CEO tells you he gets so many compliments on the food and how we always have the best food at our events. 

Again, thank you. I absolutely love working with you all and I hope you pass this along to your bosses! Or if I should share it directly, let me know. I know the past 1.75 years haven’t been the easiest in your industry, but I’m so glad you are all still here. 

Good luck with your upcoming weddings!

From the Planner

It has been an absolute pleasure to work together on the [event] this week and throughout the planning process. Your immaculate attention to detail, your poise under pressure, and your creative collaboration are qualities we respect and appreciate so much. Thank you for your time, your heart, and for the laughs along the way (we had to laugh sometimes, didn’t we??).


Again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Best of luck with your busy wedding weekend (and to your GP team catering another [one of our events] this evening!). We can’t wait to see more of you and your work very soon.

Nonprofit Gala, Brooklyn, New York

About the Event

  • Event: Nonprofit Gala
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • GP Planners: Jill Cole, Sara VanWeichen

From the Client

Thank you so much for following up – I am still pretty comatose right now, but there is pretty much one thing that I’m happy to reflect on, and that is the greatness of Great Performances.

Everything last week was perfect. We got SO many comments from guests about how good the food was, and how much of it there was… we were never ever concerned about the transition from seated dinner to cocktail and whether people would be full… it was obvious that they were! I also must commend you on the incredible work ethic of your team. Your staff is really astonishing, from the top on down. I remarked to Forrest at some point (and then later Susan) that what your staff really embodies is “hustle” – that’s what you want to see of every single person at an event, and there is not one person on your team who is without purpose, focus, and speed. It’s something that other vendors and event managers should envy. And you know, truly, that I adore Mack and was ecstatic to have him there. He is such a special, hard working person, and I feel lucky to get to work with him, Forrest, and you two.

So long short, everyone was very happy. Thank you so much again for everything!!!