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A delicious collaboration:
Great Performances x Momofuku

Great Performances and Momofuku have partnered to offer an exclusive selection of Momofuku classics, inspired by the critically acclaimed dishes from across Momofuku’s collection of restaurants.

  • Raw Bar

    • Oysters with Kombu Mignonette, Kimchi Vinegar 
    • Jonah Crab Claws with Yuzu Mayo 
    • Poached Shrimp Cocktail with Momofuku Cocktail Sauce
  • Kimbap

    All include a base with sushi rice, nori, oshinko, cucumber, avocado, spincach & yamagubo


    • Spicy Tuna
    • Spicy Scallop
    • Gincer Scallion Bass
  • Bing Bread & Dips

    • Cultured Butter with Caviar

    Butter with kaluga caviar and maldon

    • Cultured Butter with Honey & Truffle 

    Butter with honey, truffle, and maldon

    • Tingly Lamb with Mint & Szechuan Peppercorn

    Tender shreds of lamb tossed in szechuan, aromatics, and fresh mint withlabneh yogurt

    • Smoked Eggplant with Pine Nuts 

    Charred and creamy eggplant dip tossed in a pine nut gremolata

  • Bao Buns

    • Pork Belly with Hoisin, Scallions, & Cucumber

    Classic bao bun stuffed with tender pork belly and hoisin

    • Shiitake with Hoisin, Scallions, & Cucumber

    Classic bao bun stuffed with mushroom and hoisin

    • Brisket with Iceberg & Pickled Onions

    Classic bao bun stuffed with moist bbq brisket and pickled onions

    • Korean Fried Chicken with White Sauce

    Classic bao bun stuffed with crispy chicken thighs, white sauce, and lettuce

  • Noodles

    • Ginger Scallion Noodles with Pickled Shiitake

    Al dente ramen noodles with mushrooms, nori, scallion, and cured cucumbers

    • Chilled Spicy Noodles with Pork Sausage, CandiedPeanuts & Thai Basil 

    Al dente ramen noodles tossed with Thai pork sausage, soy, spicy oil and topped with candied peanuts and basil

  • Rice Cakes

    • Baked Zucchini

    Olive oil cured tomatoes, vegan creme, basil

    • Spicy Pork with Sichuan Peppercorns & Chinese Broccoli

    Spicy pork ragu with chewy rice cakes, whipped tofu, peppercorns,and crispy shallots

    • Cacio E Pepe with Winter Truffle

    Black pepper breadcrumbs, truffle oil, tossed within a cheesy cacio epepe sauce Wagyu Ragu with Sweet Soy & Jalapeno

    • Wagyu Ragu with Sweet Soy & Jalapeno

    Spiced ragu of wagyu with chilis, shallots, and sesame seeds