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Our venues beautifully blend form and function, combining rich design with modern amenities while keeping sustainability in mind. They serve as the ideal backdrop to meet your event needs and enhance your guest experience with stunning views, history, artwork and more.


Newlab solves the world’s biggest challenges by bringing together top entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors with leaders and experts across industries and cities. We apply transformative technologies to create solutions for pressing problems in energy, materials, and mobility. We apply technology to things that matter an ethos that extends to our event partnerships.

We collaborate with a range of corporate, city, and organizational stakeholders on impact-driving events. Newlab regularly hosts large scale conferences, product launches, hackathons, workshops, weekly member-only programming, pitch opportunities, and more.

Amenities & Petals
Styles at Newlab

  • Amenities

    • auditoriumAuditorium
    • coat-checkCoat Check
    • in-house-av-techIn-House Av/Tech
    • indoor-event-spaceIndoor Event Space
    • meeting-spaceMeeting Space
    • wireless-internetWireless Internet
  • Styles

    • factoryFactory
    • historicHistoric
    • industrialIndustrial
    • modernModern
    • raw-spaceRaw Space
    • trendyTrendy
    • wide-openWide Open
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Newlab Map

19 Morris Avenue,
Building 128,
Brooklyn, NY 11205

To get started planning your event, contact:

Contact: 212.727.2424

Email: celebratefood@greatperformances.com


Fabulous celebrations!

Thanks for a fabulous event! It went great and I appreciate [the Great Performances] staff.
– Vera D.

You’re a star! I was so pleased with everything. The food was fabulous. You kept sending it out. You had the perfect amount of staff. Can’t thank you enough and I look forward – very much – to working with you in the future!

– Victoria W.

The evening was everything we could hope for and more. I loved every minute working with and we will be reaching out when future events pop up.

– Yvonne G.

Food is