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Simple Spring Floral Tips


By Design Manager, Randy Ballesteros


1. Blooming branches are a quick way of adding height to a display and don’t require too many stems to make an impact. Look for branches that have lots of closed buds, put them into warm water to help the flowers bud and in a couple of days you’ll have a stunning branch. Forsythia, quince, magnolias and camellia are great options.

2. Skip the blossoms. Branches that don’t have blooms are also abound and add a sculptural quality. Salix, manzanita, curly willow and birch branches add drama and dimension.

3. Flower bulbs are starting to sprout. Keep the stalks attached to the bulb and nestle in a small dish of water or soil. A fragrant blossom will slowly sprout. Hyacinths, daffodils and muscari are wonderful options. After the bloom has expired, save the bulb and replant to enjoy next year.

4. Moss, airplants and succulents are another wonderful way of adding vibrant greenery which don’t require a lot of maintenance. Be daring and go upright by using a wall planter.

5. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors and are very popular. Make them last longer by keeping your vessel filled at least three-quarters full of cool water. They drink a lot of water, so you may need to refill every other day.

6. Roses should be firm to the touch. They are fresher and will last a longer period of time. Enjoy the blossoms as they slowly open and develop in color.

7. Garden roses are a specific type of rose that are cut from large bushes. These are more fragrant and richer in color.

8. Tulips and calla lilies are thirsty flowers. When you get them home, keep them tightly wrapped and then give them a fresh cut to help them drink up the water. After 2 hours, unwrap and your stems will be straight. Tulips will keep growing even after they are cut, and after a couple of days you’ll have wonderful curving stems.

9. Create easy flower arrangements. An easy solution to create stunning arrangements is to pick one type of flower and use several bunches to make an impact.

10. Keep it cool. Keep your arrangement in an environment with cooler temperatures, between 50 – 60 degrees. Keep them away from heat vents or radiators.

11. Keep it clean. An easy way to prolong the life of flowers is to change the water frequently and keep the vessel clean. Give the interior of the vessel a good scrubbing, refill with water and add a tiny drop of household bleach to keep the water free of bacteria. Trim the stems before you put them back in the water and enjoy!