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Green Flags and Red Flags during Wedding Planning


You’ve dodged enough red flags to make it to the altar, but unfortunately there’s still a few you’ll have to look out for when searching for a vow-worthy venue.


Though the historical mansion is beautiful on the outside, perhaps the interior doesn’t match the exterior? Or the incredibly popular modern museum that’s miraculously available on the exact day you need happens to also be hosting a splatter painting workshop in the same room?


There can be causes for concern no matter the space, but that doesn’t mean some can’t be worked around. We asked Great Performances Wedding Specialist Amanda DiUglio what she considers to be major red and green flags to watch out for when figuring out where to have your wedding.

The venue refuses to let you see the space before the event. 

“Big red flag. Absolutely not. You should always walk through and see exactly what you’re getting before your wedding so you know what the layout’s going to be, how the day’s going to flow, and all of those important details.

The venue has bad reviews online.

“A big red flag. I think you should listen to all these other couples. I think take everything with a grain of salt, and I also recommend maybe reaching out to them if you see them on Instagram and asking them why they had a bad experience.”

They do have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

“Green…yes, absolutely! We love that. Especially if you’re outdoors! It does rain and we want to make sure that we are prepared for it. And if you plan for it, it normally doesn’t happen. So take the backup plan!”

They provide you limited time to set up.

“Is there a middle ground? I think that could be a beige flag. Having vendors that know the space and know how to work within the space is very important and what they can do is they’re going to showcase to you the things that you can do within that amount of time and…make sure that you’re guided the best way possible.”

You’re the only event at the venue that day.

“Green. I think that’s a must…it’s your special day. You’re paying a lot of money for this and we want to make sure that you are the shining star that day and all attention is on you. So definitely make sure that you are the only event happening that day.”

The venue is available for your desired date but has repairs scheduled for months prior.

“I think that’s ok…I’d get some more information on exactly what that is and what their schedule is…is it the end of their scheduled maintenance or is it the beginning of it?”

The venue has limited parking.

“Green. That’s okay! You run into that in a lot of venues, specifically more historical venues. There’s ways that you’ll work with valet companies to make it work for your event.”

They work with Great Performances.

“Biggest green flag out there. We’re so excited to partner with our exclusive venues and with our preferred venues. We’re honored to be part of your wedding!”

Main photo by Joseph Lin