In 2018 I had the great opportunity to visit Uganda and Rwanda.

I got to see amazing animal life and meet remarkable people while learning about the roots “where it all began”. 

These portraits are of some of the children I met along the way.

Every child welcomed me with a smile or laugh and it opened my eyes and heart even more. 

Many kids have to trek miles for school, necessities, work and water. 

Each child had such a presence when they talked to me.

The purity and kindness of the children reminded me that we must treat each other with love and respect.

I thought this would tie in with what is happening in our world today.

With Black Lives Matter we all have to stop looking at our differences the hate and anger has to be turned into love, acceptance and understanding. These images help to remind me during these turbulent times of the saying I heard while in Africa “One Blood, One World”.


Food Photographer

My two hobbies for a long time have been cooking and photography. The more time I spent in the events industry the more inspiration I was getting just by watching different chefs/designers/planners. I started my “colorful vegan kitchen” project a few years ago to show the world that eating plants is not only healthy but they are also very photogenic. Especially if they are on my plate:)

I don’t have a separate account but you can find a lot of colorful vegan dishes that I made and took photos of if you scroll down my Instagram account and I also have an album (67 photos) on my Facebook account.



Tatsiana Asipenka




All of my paintings are in the medium of oil on canvas and I paint generally in the style of realism, with a focus on how light, from whatever source, creates atmosphere.



Damir Catovic | Photographer

I am simultaneously working on the several collections of the images which will, hopefully one day all end up in the appropriate books. They include Central Park, Streets of NY, Street Portraits, Self Portraits, Landscapes, Abstracts, etc.




Photographer, Filmmaker & Writer

I am a photographer, filmmaker, and writer and have been using the time during the shutdown to work on a few projects to keep me busy (and sane).

One of those projects was to cover the protests and events throughout the city which occurred immediately after the death of George Floyd. It is clear there is a significant desire to end ongoing injustices in this country like never before, and with my camera I wanted to help document what was occurring for a few reasons. First for the obvious need to preserve the moment and the message it carries, but also to show how diverse this movement really is. These protestors have been from all walks of life and all ages, and I believe that is part of the reason it has had such a significant impact around the country.

On a lighter note, another project I have been working on has been a collection of long exposures and time lapses, including that of certain iconic places around the 5 boroughs which are usually filled with people and now lay empty.

The third project I have been working on a collection of essays I have been writing, on various topics, consisting of anything from politics to short stories to poems.






Rosalba Paulino Great Performances Visual Arts Artist

My name is Rosalba Paulino and I am a painter. While I was in quarantined, I was learning more about art and fashion as well as sharpening and honing my artistry. I’ve been venturing into season color analysis and color theory which turned out to be complicated and yet very exciting





Actor, Dancer, Filmmaker, Editor, Sound Design

While many projects unfortunately disappeared as a result of COVID, Jennifer has acted in and designed the soundscapes for Sinking Ship Creations interactive-phone-adventures featured in The NY Times and NoProscenium, performed in livestreams including Fable Workshop’s Infection and Co-Reality Collective’s global/virtual Island Festival, acted in and edited films like Hazel’s Adventure (fantasy) and Happy Hour (narrative), and more! She is so grateful for the remote work she has secured thus far. Additionally she would love to collaborate with others on (COVID-safe) dance or movement work in the near future.






Textile and Graphic Designer

I design large scale tapestries collaged with a variety of textiles that I get from around the world. Typically the tapestries include mythical and powerful creatures combined with floral elements. The canvases are dyed with natural dyes (turmeric, beet, sandalwood) and the appliqués are hand-drawn and hand stitched onto the canvas. All artworks are for sale!