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Covid Pandemic Reflections – A Look Back



By Liz Neumark

It’s hard to unpack the range of emotions on the 3rd year anniversary of the  Covid Pandemic rupture.  On the one hand, we love to simply forget trauma and hard times and move ahead.  Conversely, the impact on our routines and lives has been so profound, it is impossible not to acknowledge the historic disruption that continues to permeate our world.   The physical world and social environment has changed dramatically and we are still digesting the impact; professionally, personally and emotionally.

The 3 year story is as varied as we are.  In this moment of look-back, we wanted to hear the stories from all corners of our GP community (friends, colleagues, co-workers).  Remembering the details of how we felt, what we experienced and how we lived through the first global pandemic of our generation is essential.

Death, illness, financial hardship, academic disruption, mental illness, family upheavals are a part of the landscape.  Some were shielded and speak of growth, discovery, even economic success.

The 3 year mark coincides with the official ‘end’ of the pandemic.  Restrictions are lifted, the state of emergency is over.  Crowded gatherings have returned, supply chain woes are replaced by other global disasters.  The push towards ‘normalcy’ feels more urgent so that the mechanisms of our society can resume.  For us, the ‘war’ might be over but the scars remain.  Covid is not gone and the issues it exposed with great urgency, from equity and social injustices to quality of life issues to the fractures in our county, will continue to gnaw at our bonds.

What will we remember?  What will we individually take away as lessons?  How will we be changed?  What have we learned as a society?

Below we share the stories our colleagues, partners, and friends have shared with us. And if you’d like to share yours, send them to us at marketing@greatperformances.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Covid Reflections